Review: Hold Me Down (Deacons of Bourbon Street #3) by Jackie Ashenden

December 4, 2015 Review 0

Review: Hold Me Down (Deacons of Bourbon Street #3) by Jackie Ashenden

When the biker who broke her heart rides into town, a woman must choose between passion and duty. Jackie Ashenden ups the ante in a seductive series co-written with Megan Crane, Rachael Johns, and Maisey Yates.

Leonidas “Blue” Delacroix might be the prodigal son of New Orleans aristocrats, but the Deacons of Bourbon Street are his real family. And with their patriarch murdered, Blue wants nothing more than to unleash hell on the motorcycle club’s enemies—even if it means taking up arms against the girl who used to be his best friend. She’s done quite a bit of growing up, and suddenly their chemistry is red-hot. But where’s the line between ruthless seduction and sweet temptation?

For Alice Day, loyalty is everything. When Blue skipped town, she had no choice but to adopt a new family: their rivals, the Graveyard Ministry. Seeing him again reawakens old feelings . . . and fiery fantasies. Alice could never forget the scent of leather on his skin—just as she could never forgive the sting of his betrayal. But while the Ministry has treated her like one of their own, Blue is part of her soul. And as their liaisons hit the boiling point, Alice trusts her heart with the deadliest choice of her life.

Title: Hold Me Down
Author: Jackie Ashenden
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Series: Deacons of Bourbon Street #3
Published by LoveSwept
Source: Author
Published: December 8, 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Motorcycle Theme
Pages: 216
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-half-flames

I picked up Hold Me Down knowing it was part of a series without having read the previous titles. The blurb gave me the impression it could possibly work as a stand-alone but you know that isn’t always the case. It’s easy to see there is some history I may be missing out on but I decided to give it a chance. And… Wow!


Blue was banished by Deacons prez, Priest, and has been living in exile for ten years. He had to leave everything behind, his club, family, everything. But when Priest is killed, he’s called back to help rebuilt the Deacons and to get revenge for his murder. Alice was once part of the Deacons by as the club dwindles and lose control of their territory, she switches allegiance to the Deacon’s rival club to survive. She loved Blue as a teenager but felt betrayed when he left without any word. Now he’s back and old flames die hard. They were once best friends and now have a chance of being more. They just need to choose what is more important – love or loyalty.


I didn’t initial noticed that all four books in this series was written by different authors. I know some people don’t go for that and since I didn’t read the first two, I can’t say if this series really flows well. What I can say is I did enjoy Hold Me Down. Leon, I original thought, was going to be a stereotypical MC macho jerk, or worse, total bad boy seducing a rich girl/poor trailer trash. To a certain extent, he was, but there was a vulnerable side that had my heart melting. Alice also tricked me. Original thought – MC groupie/skank or said rich girl/poor trailer trash. WRONG! More of a survivor and without all the bitchiness. Despite having grown up in the MC she also had this sweetness to her. When they both come together it all anger and bitterness thinking the worst of each other but, as they spend more time together and the truths come out, that’s when things really got good. And their secrets, holy crow! Alice’s just breaks my heart.


Romance story aside, there’s the whole who killed Priest aspect that bring in all the secondary characters. I was not a fan of Ajax! He was coming across as way too arrogant and brainless. On the other hand I liked Blade but for a MC prez, almost too soft. Was that they intent of the author, I have no clue but it does show you what reading too many MC books can do to you. It makes me start pushing ideas of how I expect characters on a MC to act. However, everything does work well together, without too much bloodshed and I’m left with a HEA, a cliffy, and a want to read the previous titles in the series. My personal opinion is this is a book worth recommending and I believe I will look up other titles by author Jackie Ashenden. Solid 4 stars!



Hold Me Down
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