Review: Hot Blooded (Dark Kings #4) by Donna Grant

December 27, 2014 Review 0

Review: Hot Blooded (Dark Kings #4) by Donna Grant


His name is Laith. To most, he’s known as the owner of a local pub near Dreagan. But little do his patrons know that beneath his handsome, charming exterior Laith has the heart and soul of a Dragon King—one who wields control by keeping his friends close and his enemies, just across the border, closer. Until a mysterious stranger enters the picture, and sets his whole world off course…


Iona is a woman with a mission: To learn the truth about her dead father. She’s returned to Scotland only to learn that she’s part of an ancient pact with Dreagan—one that will threaten the fragile peace with the Dragon Kings. Gorgeous, sly Iona isn’t like anyone Laith has ever met before . . . and she harbors a secret that others would kill to possess. Will she complete him—or destroy him? Passion always comes with a price.

Title: Hot Blooded
Author: Donna Grant
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Series: Dark Kings
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Published by St Martin's
Source: Author
Published: December 30, 2014
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 352
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-flames

If you like your dragon shifters to be mixed in a world filled with magic and sexy romance then Donna Grant’s Dark Kings series should move to the top of your buy now list. The sexy men of Dreagan are in a battle against old foes, new enemies, and an unknown opponent that readers are kept guessing about. With each new book in the series readers learn more and more about these men and the history that makes them Dragon Kings.

Iona Campbell was taken from Scotland and her father over twenty years ago. On her trip back she figures that packing up and selling off what little her father had will be a quick and tidy chore. Little does she know that when it comes to dealing with the men and Dreagan nothing is as it seems. She is thrust into a world she never knew existed by a pact her family made eons ago.

Keeping an eye on the neighbor should be easy enough for any of the men at Dreagan. They must make sure the Campbell’s live and carry on their legacy. Laith is having a problem keeping his eyes off of Iona. He soon discovers an attraction that has him drawn to her side constantly. As soon as the trouble that killed her father proves that it is also after Iona, Laith has no problems staying at her side to keep her safe.

Hot Blooded follows the story that we’ve been keeping up with since the introduction of the Dragon Kings. Someone or something is out to expose the Kings and their secrets. The Dark Fae is in the mix for their own nefarious reasons. Ulrik is at the center of something for what was done to him in the past. Rhi is back, yet she is very different from the Rhi we’ve grown to love. The Warriors and their Druids know that the Dragons are allies and will lend a hand anytime possible. Iona brings a new aspect to the series that was previously, possibly unknown. This many books into this world and Donna is still keeping it fresh and entertaining.

Gay Romance

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