Review: Hot For His Hostage (The WILD Boys Of Special Forces #6) by Angel Payne

October 11, 2014 Review 0

Review: Hot For His Hostage (The WILD Boys Of Special Forces #6) by Angel Payne

Stuck in an airport bar with a choice between three drunk roommates or one dark and delicious stranger, Zoe Chestain decides to live dangerously for once, and succumbs to a night of Shay Bommer’s dominant passion. But her cloud of sensual bliss is blown apart the next day, when the Vegas dancer and her friends are taken hostage by the hijackers of their flight home. Zoe’s horror deepens when her kidnapper reveals himself. Shay.

It’s the mission he’ll never give up.

Shay Bommer is one of the Army’s best, a Special Forces soldier who followed in the footsteps of his brother knowing infiltration with the enemy would sometimes be necessary. But this operation, deep under cover with one of the CIA’s most sought-after criminals, has cost him more than the trust of the most breathtaking submissive he’s ever had in his arms. He’s given up the camaraderie of his unit, the protection of his country, and even the esteem of his brother in the quest to rescue one priceless treasure. His mother.

Can they turn “never” into forever?

Zoe’s danced to some crazy songs in her time, but no wild choreography has prepared her for the adventure of life with Shay—or the return to his bed that means surrendering more than just her body. As they run from the bad guys, the good guys, and everyone in between, she learns about the man behind all his masks, and the Dominant for whom she’s always longed.

When Shay honors his word and unlocks her bonds for good, Zoe must face the truth—that her heart will always be Shay’s willing captive. But staying with him means dying with him. The heat is on. Can Shay and Zoe’s love survive the flames?

Title: Hot For His Hostage
Author: Angel Payne
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Series: The WILD Boys of Special Forces #6
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Published by Self
Source: Author
Published: August 12, 2014
Genres: BDSM, Military Romance, Suspense
Pages: 360
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Stars: two-half-stars
Flames: four-half-flames

When I first chose this book to read, I was aware it was a book 6, but recent history with starting a series in the middle suggested it may work again.  Well, to borrow some of the “WILD Boy’s” lingo, no joy.  I wasn’t six pages into the story and I realized I was missing huge junks of “intel.”  Fortunately for me, I already had the rest of this series in my tbr pile, so I have spent the last week searching out that “intel.”  Now those first six pages make more sense to me.  Needless to say, I will not be recommending that this can be read as a stand-alone.  Read the rest of the series’ first.  It will help with the reference to previous ops and/or activities mentioned.

After having read books one thru five of this series, I had great expectations for this one.  Again – “no joy!”  A good portion of this book was spent in unending narration of the past 18 years.  *yawn* Literally.  I had a difficult time staying awake for this story and it didn’t seem to matter if it was 10:00 AM or PM.  I stayed with it because I felt something had to happen eventually.  We are talking a special ops team here.  We can’t spend the entire story in bed, or angsting, or talking things to death.   My patience was rewarded for about 50 pages of the book, and then more talking.   *sigh*

Granted the back history of the past 18 years was vital to this story, but the telling was just that – telling.  From several points of view at several different times in this book.  It just seemed to drag.  What little bit of action there was, left much to be desired, and even some of that happened “behind closed doors” and was told latter in narrative.

I had issues with the characters too.  Part of that started in book 3 when we first met Zoe and her sister Ava.  My issue, the cheesy accents and Spanglish.  These girls were alleged to have been born and raised in Tacoma, Washington – not East LA.   This character development did not work for me, and completely pulled me out of the story every time the Spanglish hit the page.  *shutters* I believe I have discussed my thoughts about non English in my books before.  I really wish that authors did not feel the need to flex their linguistic muscle.  In this case, I found it especially irritating because I didn’t feel it worked or even belonged, and completely colored my opinion on an otherwise likable character.

As for Shay/Shane – I fought the clichés trying to find a believable guy.  And then when that little sci-fi twist was thrown into the mix . . . *eye roll* It makes me wonder just what direction this series is going to go.  I like sci-fi, but this just felt clichéd and grasping for plot.

On top of all that, after wading through the endless monologue, heartrending angst, and minimum action, the story just stops!  (Like word count has been reached.)  There wasn’t exactly a cliff hanger, but neither was there a very satisfying ending.  I felt I was left hanging and I was very disappointed.  Will I read the next book in this series?  I don’t know.  I liked the first five books well enough and there was an interesting tease that kind of piqued my interest, but . . . Time will tell.


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