Review: How to Howl at the Moon (Howl at the Moon #1) by Eli Easton

January 20, 2016 Review 1

Review: How to Howl at the Moon (Howl at the Moon #1) by Eli Easton

Sheriff Lance Beaufort is not going to let trouble into his town, no sir. Tucked away in the California mountains, Mad Creek has secrets to keep, like the fact that half the town consists of ‘quickened’—dogs who have gained the ability to become human. Descended on both sides from Border Collies, Lance is as alert a guardian as they come.

Tim Weston is looking for a safe haven. After learning that his boss patented all of Tim’s work on vegetable hybrids in his own name, Tim quit his old job. A client offers him use of her cabin in Mad Creek, and Tim sees a chance for a new start. But the shy gardener has a way of fumbling and sounding like a liar around strangers, particularly gorgeous alpha men like Sheriff Beaufort.

Lance’s hackles are definitely raised by the lanky young stranger. He’s concerned about marijuana growers moving into Mad Creek, and he’s not satisfied with the boy’s story. Lance decides a bit of undercover work is called for. When Tim hits a beautiful black collie with his car and adopts the dog, its love at first sight for both Tim and Lance’s inner dog. Pretending to be a pet is about to get Sheriff Beaufort in very hot water.

Title: How to Howl at the Moon
Author: Eli Easton
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Published by Pinkerton Road
Source: Purchased for Self
Published: February 28, 2015
Genres: Male Male Romance, Paranormal Romance
Pages: 196
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: three-flames
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Howl at the Moon has to be one of the most unique books that I have read in a very long while. Lance Beaufort is among the born quickened. This means that he was born with the ability to shift into a dog at some point in his life. Most of the residents of the sleepy little California mountain town of Mad Creek also possess this ability. Lance takes his job as sheriff very seriously. He wants to make sure outsiders never find out the secrets that are hidden in Mad Creek.

Tim flees Santa Barbara looking for a place to hide and rebuild his life. He’s offered a cabin, greenhouse, and small piece of land rent free in exchange for his something that comes easily to him. It’s a total win win for him. He takes the offer and goes to Mad Creek to plant and grow to his green thumbs content. The problem he faces immediately and repeatedly is the sheriff sniffing around everything that he does.

There is so much cuteness going on in Eli Easton’s Howl at the Moon series. Lance and Tim’s story was a great way to start it too. Readers get a sweet small town romance, a little paranormal, on top of something very different from the other books shelved with this one. Lance’s mother Lily is one of those fun meddlers that want her son happily married and she is willing to go to extremes to see it happen. My absolute favorite thing about this world though is the spark. I love that it exists here and what it means for dogs. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series to see how it really plays out in its full force.

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