Review The Hunger (Rogues of Scotland # 2) by Donna Grant

October 14, 2014 Review 0

Review The Hunger (Rogues of Scotland # 2) by Donna Grant


Cursed by a gypsy and banished to a realm of darkness for over two hundred years, Morcant Banner resigns himself to an eternity of torture. With need and frustration his ever-present companions, he’s given up hope of ever seeing his friends again, let alone knowing the pleasures of a woman. When he is suddenly freed from his prison by a very beautiful, very wary woman, he’s forced to face a reality much different from the one he remembers. A reality without the men he once called brothers, but with Leana who makes him hunger like no other…


Introverted and guarded, Leana freely admits that she prefers the quiet of the forest to the company of people. She’s comfortable in her independence and enjoys her solitude. When she stumbles upon a mysterious man unconscious in the forest, the very same man she’s had a vision about, she begins to believe in the magic the villagers whisper about. Because only magic could explain the uncontrollable, irresistible longing she feels for the handsome Morcant. But can she give in to her desires, knowing that he could leave her like everyone else?

Title: The Hunger
Author: Donna Grant
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Published by Self
Source: Author
Published: 13 October, 2014
Genres: Fantasy Romance, Historical Romace
Pages: 81
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-flames

The second in the Rogues of Scotland series is Morcant’s quest for redemption and removal of the gypsy’s curse.  In the first book, Donna Grant introduced us to Morcant as one of the 4 friends who, after following their ringleader into a Gypsy encampment in the Highlands were cursed when a young woman committed suicide after realizing her lover would not marry her.  Morcant’s story brings him to meet a young woman that he believes has defied the prophecy by giving herself to a man.  Unfortunately, she has lied to him, and he becomes the man who ruins the prophecy and condemns the gypsies to never find an end to their infighting.

I liked Morcant: after nearly 200 years of imprisonment in the bleak black nothingness, he had plenty of time to think on the emptiness of his past life spent in seduction and revelries. As the second son, his chances to lead and relieve the emptiness of aimless days are few: and he realizes that he was utterly disenchanted with that life after his elder brother’s illness gave him the opportunity to step up and run things  So, Morcant was ripe for the redemption, even if he isn’t sure just what he can do.

Leana is a whole other kettle of fish: isolated by choice and circumstance, she has occasional ‘dream’ that seem to forecast future events.  Fiercely independent and refusing to rely on anyone for anything, her isolation and skill with healing leave her outside of village life or protection, whispers of witchcraft leave the more ‘respected’  giving her a wide berth.  With a covetous neighbor in William, who doesn’t seem to understand the word no, Leana is determined to not love or attach herself to anyone in anyway: they always die to leave her alone.

Leana has a vision of Morcant in his prison, and soon he is there.  Despite his pleasure-seeking, Morcant has a protective streak a mile wide, and cannot leave to find his friends or clan without being certain she is safe. As they share their stories and histories, the bond between them comes to grow stronger: although Leana isn’t willing to admit her own need for him. But their connection is palpable and tinges every moment.  What Morcant finds is a peaceful and contented feeling after being with Leana, and it is exactly what he had been searching for.

But there are clan disturbances about: a war is coming and Leana sees two riders approaching with a war party.  Soon, all too soon, the battle erupts and Morcant is in the thick of things, fearsome and skilled, taking on all manner of men. As he battle winds down, Morcant and another man are fighting back to back, synchronized in movements as if this was a familiar situation.

Giving Morcant three happy endings: redemption, a love and the return of his friend: Grant weaves the first and second story together neatly, moving the quest for redemption and a new life forward to the two, still missing, friends.  Fast reading and engaging, the premise is not new, but the characters are clever and believable, giving readers a lovely afternoon getaway read.

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