Review: Hunter Betrayed (Wild Hunt #1) by Nancy Corrigan

October 7, 2014 Review 0

Review: Hunter Betrayed (Wild Hunt #1) by Nancy Corrigan

Tainted from birth, Harley lives a life cloaked in darkness and temptation. She resists the lure of her evil legacy by holding the memory of her ghostly savior close. Every night without him is agony. She fantasizes about him and yearns for his body, but he’s not the protector or lover she’s envisioned. He’s a Hunter bred to eliminate her kind. He’s also her only hope of salvation.

Calan, the leader of the Wild Hunt, was created to protect mankind from the Unseelie Court. For a millennium, he’s sacrificed to ensure the horrid creatures remain in the Underworld, but his strength wanes. He must rely on his enemy’s daughter to save him, but he doesn’t expect the intensity of their lust or love. Her touch calms his wild nature and ignites his carnal desires. He’ll risk all to save her, but doing so forces him to make the ultimate sacrifice, one that’ll damn him to suffer forever in his own living hell.

Title: Hunter Betrayed
Author: Nancy Corrigan
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Source: Publisher
Published: September 3 2014
Genres: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Pages: 201
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: four-half-flames

For a millennium, Calan leader of the Wild Hunt has sacrificed to ensure the horrid creatures remain in the Underworld, but now he’s strength is waning and he must rely on his enemy’s daughter, Harley to save him and hopefully save her from the evil that taints her as well in this mesmerizing paranormal romance.

This fast paced and smooth flowing plot holds readers captive from the very beginning with suspense and romance. Nancy Corrigan brings her story to life with well written scenes and details that capture the imagination and the fascinating world draws the reader deeper into the story. The characters are strong, compelling and grab the reader’s attention, while spine tingling anticipation builds excitement throughout the story ensuring that the reader wants to know every last detail.

The attraction between Calan and Harley burns with vibrant intensity from every page and the sex scenes explode from the pages in a fiery inferno of passion. The reader can’t help but get caught up in their relationship as the couple struggle to end the evil that wants destroy the world. Calan ignites reader’s fantasies with his bad boy out to save the world attitude and Harley captures the heart with her strength and courage to fight the evil that literally taints her soul.

The author has taken an intriguing myth and added her own unique elements to make for a very bewitching and sensational world with captivating characters. There was never a dull moment and I was completely caught up in the story from the very beginning, the story was full of surprises and inspiring characters and well I have to say that Calan has stolen a piece of my heart so while I don’t know if the others can measure up to him or not, I can’t wait to find out.


Hunter Betrayed
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