Review – Hunter Forsaken (Wild Hunt #2) by Nancy Corrigan

February 15, 2016 Review 0

Review – Hunter Forsaken (Wild Hunt #2) by Nancy Corrigan

"A vow to the dead...the mark of the Hunt...a love with one chance to survive."

"Wild Hunt," Book 2

In the slice of a moment, Ian Callahan lost everything he cared about-a deed done by his own hand. He awakens on the edge of sanity, chained in his own personal hell. He is to be the newest rider in the Wild Hunt, if he can learn to control the rage and guilt that consume him.

Then...a whiff of vanilla. The face of a lover he's seen only in his dreams. He doesn't know her name, only that she stirs the hungry beast within him.

For a millennium, Tegan and her sibling riders of the Wild Hunt were imprisoned, suffering under a curse meant for the Unseelie Court. Though her body is free, she carries the curse with her-and the additional burden of finally knowing the name of her destined mate. A human named Ian Callahan.

He's her Trojan horse, the only one who can heal her heart. Just one last challenge stands in the way of claiming each other, once and for all. Failure means facing eternity the incomplete halves of a whole.

"Warning: Contains a hero who's more than just the total...package. And a daughter of the Underworld who thought she knew what Hell was...until she fell in love. Boundaries of monogamy pushed, pulled, stretched-but never broken."

Title: Hunter Forsaken
Author: Nancy Corrigan
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Series: Wild Hunt
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Published by Samhain Publishing
Source: Publisher
Published: February 16th 2016
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 299
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: four-flames
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First off I have to lead this review by mentioning that I gave this an extra flame, not because there were extra explicit sex scenes, but because this entire book revolved around sex and the need for it. That’s not to say that it’s over done, but I just want to prepare you guys for some serious sexual tension, attention and wowza moments.

Nancy Corrigan has done it again. Whisking us off into a world full of Demigods, Angels, Demons, Fairies and Huntsmen. Is this a stand-alone? Nope. You absolutely need to read the first one to follow this storyline completely. Although there are explanations of “the past” given in case you choose to jump straight to this one.

Ian is the brother of Hartley (from Wild Hunt #1). At the end of the first installment we find out that Ian has succumb to the rage, anger and insanity that can happen with new Hunters. While being held in a cell in Hell, he continues dreaming about the mystery woman he once mentioned to Hartley in the first installment. Can you guess who that mystery woman is? Yep…Tegan, the beautiful Huntress herself.

Tegan has spent a millennium being tortured, killed and mentally abused thanks to the dog on curse her father, Arawn caused. When she and her siblings were freed by Hartley’s love (Wild Hunt #1), she’s forced to attend to the one human that has helped keep her sane for the last 3 years; if only in her dreams. But his past and her past hold too much weight for her to get over. Will Ian’s love he enough?

I will admittedly confess that I didn’t enjoy this installment as much as the first, but that’s not saying much. I still totally loved the storyline. Nancy has set us up with wondering who the next will be about, but I’m putting my money on Rowan. I can’t wait to see if the Demon King gets what he wants or if the human will prevail. Ahhhhhh… love.

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