Review: Ignite (Wildwood #1) by Karen Erickson

March 12, 2016 Review 0

Review: Ignite (Wildwood #1) by Karen Erickson

Weston Gallagher is falling hard-for the wrong woman.
One night of passion has haunted him for years.
Now he’s got a second chance to get the girl of his dreams…but there’s just one problem:
She hates him.

Eight years after he stormed out of Wildwood, California, West has returned to his hometown as a firefighter. His friends and family are thrilled he’s back-with the exception of Harper Hill. His best friend’s sister is all grown up and in all the right ways. He knows she’s going to do everything she can to protect her heart and keep him at arm’s length, but West has other ideas.

He will win the girl that got away. No matter what it takes…

Title: Ignite
Author: Karen Erickson
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Series: Wildwood #1
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: Smolder, Forbidden Fling, Torch, Wild Kisses
Published by Avon
Source: Publisher
Published: March 15, 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romance, Young Adult
Pages: 226
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Stars: three-stars
Flames: two-half-flames
I received this book for free from the Publisher or Author in exchange for an honest review, or I purchased it with my own funds. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
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A long time crush on your best friend’s older brother seems like a harmless thing as long as it’s not acted upon right? That flies out the window the moment West and Harper share an intense make-out session; which West screws up by leaving the next day without so much as a so long. Eight years later should have been enough time to get over the sexy firefighter, boy was she wrong.

This is my first book by Karen Erickson, which is a shocker because she is on my to-be-read list. This was a quick and sweet novella that will warm up any dreary day. I have a soft spot for firefighters, and cops alike, because well we all love a man in uniform. Especially if it involves cuffs that’s just my opinion!

West could not leave the little town of Wildwood fast enough and it had made him a better man for it. His only regret, really, is having to come back “home”, until he lays eyes on the grown up Harper. He knew it was inevitable to not bump into her in their small town but it still shook him up just the same. After West left, Harper decided going after the bad boy was a mistake. She wanted a safe and ultimately boring man. But for Harper, West was always an addiction she could not shake. She makes him an ultimatum he cannot refuse.

The characters in this book really acted fresh out of high school even if they are described as being in their late twenties and mature. Which we all know is utter crap. Most people do not truly know what they want, if ever, nor do they stop making mistakes. It is all part of growing and for it to have to be painstakingly spelled out for Harper made it hard for me to truly appreciate her character. Supporting characters were pretty much the same- they did not go after what they wanted, skirted around a main issue about their attractions or desires, or pretended dislike or nonchalance when in fact they wanted to rip each other’s clothes off.

I really am hoping to get my hands on Smolder because it has Lane, the brooding silent man who is as sharp as a hawk. My favorite type of man; he also seems super demanding!

I was gifted a copy from the JeepDiva in exchange for my honest review. The opinions and ratings are my own and I was in no way compensated.


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