Review: I’m Still Here by by Clélie Avit, Lucy Foster (translator)

September 13, 2016 Review 0

I’m Still Here is told by alternating POV’s.  Elsa is trapped in a coma after being caught in an avalanche. When she gains back partial consciousness, she can hear the people around her, but she is unable to speak or even move.  She’s trapped in her own psychotic existence. Then one day a stranger appears and gives her hope.  A reason to live.

Thibault is at the hospital to visit his brother. A cocky guy who barely escapes a crash he’s at fault for.  Thibault cannot see him just yet, so he ducks inside another room and happens upon Elsa.  He’s drawn to her peaceful looking face and can’t believe she’s just sleeping.  As he begins to visit her regularly, he’s determined to show that Elsa is reacting to him.  The doctors play it off.  He knows she’s responding and implores Elsa to join him in the land of the living. Elsa loves when Thibault is there and is trying to find her way back.

This is a warm story of love and perseverance loosely based on Snow White. There’s such beauty and emotion, that it overwhelms your heart! I enjoyed having both point’s of view so I could know what each is thinking-no guessing! I loved the transgression from stranger to friend to love. The only thing I would’ve liked was an epilogue. Clélie Avit’s I’m Still Here is a true testament of hope and love that I highly recommend.

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