Review: Immortal Amour (The Genesys Project, #1) by L.A. Kennedy

April 26, 2016 Review 0

Review: Immortal Amour (The Genesys Project, #1) by L.A. Kennedy

Leading a fierce battle to protect his race, Cael must choose between the life he has and the woman he wants.

Fiercely loyal to his men, Cael has sacrificed himself for the good of the race. Undercover as the Calyph, he has lost everything he’s ever loved and wanted in an attempt to smoke out the Genesys before the irregulars are extinguished. Now he will sacrifice again to save his one true love.

Cael has always been savage by nature, quick with temper, quick with violence. It takes finely tuned control to keep his Vampyre instinct from taking over and consuming the little bit of humanity he still clings to. Cael is no stranger to loss. He knows that painful fury all too well. But when his Fyrvor, his one true love, goes missing, he pities the SOB who took her. With ice in his veins, he swears vengeance.

Des has worked her fair share of cases as an agent for the Netherworld, policing the little slice of in-between, where life and death, man and monster, are as subjective as ivory and eggshell. She is a Kler’voient—a Prophetyc, born with a second sight limited to the past. They call it a gift. She calls it what it is—a burden and a curse.

Cael is deep undercover and sinking into the darkness of his sacrifice. Des doesn’t want cannon fodder in her life. That alone would make their relationship difficult enough without them being the prime target for the Order, who are hatching new strategies for wiping the irregulars off the face of the earth.

Title: Immortal Amour
Author: L.A. Kennedy
Series: The Genesys Project
Published by Totally Bound
Source: Publisher
Published: April 26, 2016
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 143
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If you’ve read the blurb to Immortal Amour you’re probably assuming that it is a paranormal romance. The publisher website even slotted this into the genre of erotic romance. It is none of the above. Des does date a little and even has a few make out sessions with that guy. That guy is not Cael. In fact Des doesn’t even meet Cael for nearly half the book. So to a small extent there’s a quasi-triangle. Cael follows and watches Des to the point of stalking. He loves her and needs her and has to have his Fyrvor. Des actively dates another man. This truly felt more urban fantasy to me.

The Genesys Project has so many great ideas and possibilities though. The spelling of most of its terms smacks of Black Dagger Brotherhood though. There is a much needed glossary at the end of the book though to help with all the terms for this world. The Netherworld (good) is fighting a battle with the Rancor Order (bad) though I never figured out what really sparked the war. This world is filled irregulars, metaphysicals, or the inhuman. I never figured out if there were also normal humans in the mix. Some die and stay dead, some come back to life as something different, some come back to life as the same thing. There was never any explanation as to why some come back while others don’t or why some come back as something different.

I believe this all comes down to too many engaging ideas into a book world and not enough pages to truly convey all those thoughts and ideas believably. If Immortal Amour was a full length novel of several hundred pages so much could have been expanded upon. The world could have been built up a little more. In the end I’m left confused about what I read.

I did a little digging to see if there is any mention of the next book in the series. At the end of this one I didn’t feel like there was a happily ever after. Both Des and Cael use the Aegys and Fyrvor description for each other but that is the only thing linking them together. I thought maybe readers would see some (note I didn’t use the word more, because there was no romance between them at all) romance between them in the next book. No, that is not what is going to happen in Dark Amour. The second book in the series moves on to another couple, I will not be moving forward in this series.

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