Review: An Improper Lady by Jane Godman

March 4, 2014 Review 0

Review: An Improper Lady by Jane Godman

Lady Isabella Cavendish is the most beautiful, and the most scandalous, woman in England. The powdered, scented fops who frequent London’s ballrooms are definitely not Bella’s style … but there is something different about Sir Peregrine Pomeroy. There is a sizzling attraction between them, but Perry seems oddly reluctant to consummate their mutual passion.

He finally confesses that he is in love with Bella, and that nothing less than marriage will do for him.

But there are dark secrets in Bella’s past and she is not prepared to bring dishonour to Perry’s proud name. She tells him she is happy to be his mistress, but she will not marry him.

The impasse continues until they are snowbound at a Christmas house party. Perry challenges Bella to a game of billiards. He insists on a forfeit. If he wins Bella will become his mistress. If Bella wins, she must agree to marry him

Title: An Improper Lady
Author: Jane Godman
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Published by Front Porch Romance
Source: Author
Published: 9 December, 2013
Genres: Historical Romace
Pages: 53
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Stars: three-stars
Flames: one-flame

A quickly engaging read, An Improper Lady was light and fun, the perfect undemanding read for a break in a hectic day.

Isabella is the improper one, daughter of a merchant, exceptionally beautiful but mistress and lover to a highwayman, former actress and accepted into the ton solely on the basis of her widowed status and money, she was slow to develop.  In fact, while I could describe her every outfit, her look, and even her secrets; as a person, her motivations never felt solid or real to me.

Peregrine was presented in much the same way: a fop, prone to fancy dress and although he is much sought after for his impeccable manners, he dances on the line of overly effeminate with his skills at billiards, boxing and cards.  He has a fascination with Isabella, as she has for him: despite the differences.

The two are close to letting their sensual connection take over more than once: but while Bella feels she is being honorable in insisting she will only become his mistress, the conviction behind her decisions just never resonated for me.

Writing is smooth and flows from one scene to another, although part of my difficulties with this novella was the seemingly disjointed switch from scene to scene, presented in a way that felt much like picking up a diary entry one week at a glance.  Historical details and settings are beautifully laid out for easy visualization, but at the expense of providing some emotional depth to the characters to make me care about their HEA.  What emerged was an easy and fluffy read that didn’t challenge or create any emotional response.

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