Review: In the Eyes of the Law by Ashe Barker

November 24, 2015 Review 0

Review: In the Eyes of the Law by Ashe Barker

She’s still his wife, in the eyes of the law. But is she still his submissive? His to spank?

A momentary lapse of concentration places Libby Novak on the wrong side of the law. A criminal conviction could cause her to lose her job. How much worse could this get?

Libby soon knows the answer to that question when the head of security at the mall shows up. She hasn’t seen her estranged husband for years, and now she discovers Josh has a strict policy on how best to deal with shoplifters. He was her husband and her Dom. Will he turn her over to the police, or would a hard, bare-bottom spanking be sufficient redress for her misdemeanor? After all, that’s how he always dealt with her in the past.

Josh has never forgiven Libby’s betrayal. She let him down. She deserves to be punished. But does he still have that right?

Libby meant to divorce him. She was granted the decree nisi but never quite got round to making it final. They both know she’s still his wife—in the eyes of the law—but is she still his submissive? His to spank?

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of anal play.

Title: In the Eyes of the Law
Author: Ashe Barker
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Published by Totally Bound
Source: Author
Published: November 24, 2015
Genres: Erotic Romance
Pages: 47
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: four-flames

Libby is doing a bit of shopping when she receives a phone call from her very excited sister. Her excitement is very contagious and in a careless moment, Libby pockets her phone and a bottle of perfume which she doesn’t realize until she leaves the store and is stopped by mall security. Trying to explain it was a accident to the store manager is a fruitless endeavor when the manager insist head of mall security be brought in. Thinking she can explain to the security manager and have things cleared up right away, she never expected to come face to face with ex-husband and Dom…who isn’t quite the ex she thought he was!

Hot and spicy, In the Eyes of the Law is a quick read has everything I’ve come to expect from author Ashe Barker. There’s a nice build-up of the characters and their backstory, a hot teaser that leads to some sexy play all heading to a most satisfactory resolution. Libby, of course is the star of our story. Sweet and fun you can tell as she interacts with Josh that she is a touch of a brat. My original opinion of Josh was a stern Dom, but he turned out to be just as playful. The heat between them is smoking hot as they get reacquainted and work out there issues. And just as I like it, Ms. Barker wraps everything up in a nice neat HEA bow.

In the Eyes of the Law is the perfect pick me up because I like it hot and spicy reading. I highly recommend it and all of Ashe Barker’s books.


In the Eyes of the Law
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