Review: In the Ring (Boxer #1) by Rie Warren

December 21, 2016 Review 0

Review: In the Ring (Boxer #1) by Rie Warren

The biggest fight of his life isn’t . . . In the Ring.

The bright lights. The roaring crowd. The chance at a championship belt. The not-so-little secret Liam Shaughnessy—the Bonny Bruiser—is fighting to keep tucked far away.

Liam got the pussy pounded out of him on the mean streets of Cin-city—the other Sin City. The oldest in a Catholic clan where his da never pulled any punches, he went from geek boy to the golden boy of the boxing world care of his fists. Liam’s on the fast track to having it all . . . all except the one man he wants.

Michael Fairweather makes pretending to be hetero goddamn difficult for Liam. The man is blond and beautiful and just so happens to be Liam’s trainer. With a penchant for doing shirtless yoga, giving midnight massages to loosen Liam’s muscles, and sometimes even taking it out in the ring with him. To say Liam has porn-style fantasies about Michael is an understatement.

Michael’s out and proud. Liam’s only proud of what he can do in the ring. He can’t risk his career, least of all for someone unavailable. Michael has a lover. Liam has the lies he lives every day. And when his money-grubbing manager gets involved as the title win approaches, Liam doesn’t know what hit him.

Fight to win. Fight with honor. It won’t be easy, but that’s okay. Nothing worth fighting for ever is.

Title: In the Ring
Author: Rie Warren
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Series: Boxer #1
Published by Self
Source: Author
Published: December 5, 2016
Genres: Male Male Romance, Sports Theme
Pages: 280
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: four-flames
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It’s been quite some time since Ms. Warren has graced us with a male/male romance so of course when she announced she had one coming out, I knew I had to have it. At last, In the Ring was available and it’s a sports M/M romance. Oh. I’m not a huge fan of sports romances, but it is Rie Warren and I can’t pass any of her work up so I said what the heck, I’ll give it a shot.

Since I don’t like sports romances, it’s no big surprise that I wasn’t interested in the boxing MMA world that Liam was fighting in. However, the struggles that Liam had to go through with being in the closet, wanting to have a relationship with someone, that’s what I really enjoyed about the book. It’s no big surprise Liam ends up with Michael. He’s been having all sorts of nasty wicked thoughts of him while he’s been getting massages from his trainer. Michael has his own issues as well since he’s in a relationship with someone who is out and proud and yet he’s interested in someone who is very much still in the closet. There are some touching moments between these two guys as well as a lot of hot sweaty sex. There is some predictability that wasn’t too hard to see coming but thankfully, it wasn’t enough to kill the story.

Oh the whole, In the Ring was a good read. You have romance, personal struggle that leads to growth, interesting characters (love his siblings!), a protagonist, make that two, you just want to beat the snot out of it lots of yummy sex and a very sweet HEA. So what is keeping me from giving this 5-stars? The first character voice. I have read darn near every book Ms. Warren has written so I’d like to think I’ve become somewhat of an expert. After a while, they all begin to sound, well, the same. Think what a big, beefy, alpha male with a hidden soft heart, only this time around switch out bikes for sports, would sound like and that is what all most all the lead males sound like. Honestly, I would love if Ms. Warren would write a third person POV book just to mix it up. Other than that, In The Ring was well worth reading.



In the Ring
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