Review: Indecent… Desires (Indecent, #3) by Jane O’Reilly

March 21, 2014 Review 0

Review: Indecent… Desires (Indecent, #3) by Jane O’Reilly

By day, Meredith is a divorced, 30-something control freak, organizing the stationery cupboard and searching for her next husband and future father of her children from among the suited drones in the office. By night, she watches from her darkened bedroom as a 20-something Adonis pleasures himself at his window in the building across the road – following to the letter the instructions she has put through his letterbox. But when her sexy exhibitionist comes to work in her office, Meredith’s two worlds collide… and she finds there are other uses for the stationery cupboard.

Title: Indecent...Desires
Author: Jane O'Reilly
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Published by Carina UK
Source: Author
Published: 19 March 2014
Genres: BDSM, Erotic Contemporary Romance
Pages: 79
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: four-flames

The last in the Indecent trilogy ties the three stories together nicely.  We had met Meredith briefly as the “receptionist’ in the first story, as she works for the accountancy firm that Tom works with.  Lucas was the boy toy of Amber, and the one who brought her the realizations about her life, desires and dreams.

Meredith is recently divorced, often called a control freak by her ex, she puts that need for control and organization into her work life: delegating, organizing and managing the office full of accountants.  Lucas is a freelance web guru and has been hired by the firm to bring their software up to snuff.

Before their face to face encounter at the office, Meredith had been ‘directing’ Lucas in a series of masturbatory fantasies that she watched from her bedroom window each night.  Bossing his every move with specifically worded handwritten notes, she enjoys the power and control.  And he seems to thrive in the subservient position.

What follows is a clever series of interactions where Lucas pushes her every button to see if she will “punish’ him for his bad behavior: from surfing porn on the computer and calling to tell her about it, to deliberately ignoring her requests, he is revelling in her frustration and growing desire for him.  This is a story of a slow development of a femme domme, not quite the level of a dominatrix but, in her words, a bossy boots.  Spanking scenes were  mixed in with some seriously steamy sex, innuendo and teasing, and some serious interludes in the stationary cupboard that will have everyone contemplating supply rooms in a new light, this was a story that brought two hesitant and uniquely suited people together in a non-traditional relationship that is built to last.  With Meredith significantly older than Lucas, and her domineering tendencies perfectly fit his need to be dominated and controlled.

Meredith wants more; marriage, family and to be treasured, even if she is a bossy boots, and Lucas is more than willing and able to step up and fulfil her needs.  There are several key moments where their emotional connection is displayed and nearly palpable: O’Reilly paced the story mixing tension, conflict and self-doubt in such a way that it all comes to a climax point at once, and then explodes in the best ways possible.  An interesting look at the growth of the dominant and submissive sides of a D/s partnership, and twisted to show that not only men can be Alpha.

 Total eBound

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