Review – Indecent Exposure by Faye Avalon

May 22, 2015 Review 2

Review – Indecent Exposure by Faye Avalon

She’s gotten herself into hot water, and the heat just keeps on rising.

Gina McKenzie didn’t make the same mistakes her mother made with men. She just made different ones. Like letting a good one get away—and trusting a bad one to keep her kinky tastes private.

With an ex-lover holding a naked bondage video over her head, she’s forced to reunite with an old college crush to get the dirty on him. Back then, she resorted to humiliating Mitchell Coleman to keep her heart safe. Now she has no choice but to compromise him in the worst possible way.

When Gina walks back into Mitchell’s life and starts seducing him, desire wars with suspicion. Last time this happened, she tossed him to the wolves. If she’s going to serve herself up on a plate, he intends to make her see exactly what she missed by rejecting him all those years ago.

But Mitch soon realizes that Gina has an agenda other than heating up the sheets—and this time he’s not going to let her play him for a fool.

Warning: A bad girl trying to be good, a good guy determined to be bad. Naughty goings-on with a stability ball, lunchtime quickies, and a Parisian hotel room where nobody plans on sleeping

Title: Indecent Exposure
Author: Faye Avalon
Published by Samhain Publishing
Source: Publisher
Published: May 26, 2015
Genres: Erotic Romance
Pages: 168
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Stars: two-stars
Flames: three-flames

I feel lied to. Seriously, I do. The only thing I found erotic about this read was the “video” that was taken by the ex lover which is only described as a memory. And saying that it was “her” kinky ways isn’t correct either.

Gina ends up having to seduce an ex acquaintance, Mitch, in order to keep a sex tape her ex recorded without her permission, secret. Why? Because her Mother is running for Mayor or Governor or some high profile office and she doesn’t want to embarrass her or ruin her campaign.

Mitch is a financial advisor of some sort who finds himself propositioned, again, by the same girl who completely humiliated him in collage. Yet, after not seeing her for 12 years, he takes the bait because she’s pretty.

Was the anticipation build up there? Not really, because Gina was trying so hard to get the dead done quickly that the power of seduction was lost on me. Yes, there were scenes that got hot and heavy, but erotic? Nope….at least not in my book.

Would I recommend it? Eeehhhhhh


2 Responses to “Review – Indecent Exposure by Faye Avalon”

  1. fangswandsfairy(alt)

    Sometimes, if it is sold too hard, it isn’t hot. I liked the honest review!

    • Christina Gwin

      I would agree. The concept was there, I just think labeling it Erotica and then NOT having those qualities was a bit of a turn off.