Review: Indecent… Exposure (Indecent #1)by Jane O’Reilly

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Review:  Indecent… Exposure (Indecent #1)by Jane O’Reilly

Setting up the money shot…

Quiet, sensible Ellie Smithson is a highly respectable photographer by day – but there are only so many wedding photo-shoots you can take without your mind wandering to what happens when the blissfully happy bride is swept off her feet and straight to the honeymoon suite’s sumptuous four-poster bed…

So after dark, Ellie takes pictures of a more…intimate nature – a dirty little secret she’s kept from her accountant Tom. Until now. It seems Tom is the subject of her next racy shoot!

It isn’t just the blurring of work and personal boundaries that’s the problem; secretly Ellie has always had fantasies of a most unprofessional nature about the almost illegally gorgeous Tom. With such temptation on display, how will she ever stay behind the camera?!

The first book in the Indecent... trilogy

Title: Indecent...Exposure
Author: Jane O'Reilly
Other books by this author that we've reviewed: Indecent...Desires, Indecent...Proposal
Published by Carina UK
Source: Author
Published: 4 March 2014
Genres: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Pages: 83
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: four-flames

The first in a 3 novella series, these three volumes all focus on people who are losing their inhibitions to improve their lives.  In Exposure, Ellie is a wedding photographer who takes candid erotic black and whites on the side.  Her best friend Amber has convinced her to photograph a session of fellatio with a man she has brought in off the street: the photos will be a gift to her ex, who is now engaged to another woman.

Ellie is uncomfortable with Amber’s request: but she feels obligated and is too afraid or ashamed of her deepest secret to say no.  But, Amber brings back Tom, Ellie’s accountant and focus of her single crush for years. What she doesn’t realize is that Tom is more interested in Ellie than Amber, but Ellie can’t get past her fear that Tom will not accept her secret.

Tom sets out on a slow seduction: well, the seduction isn’t slow, but the sharing and proving he enjoys and likes her for more than just their steamy moments is a more lengthy process, and once you pass the early paragraphs, Ellie’s voice starts to take shape and the writing is quite smooth and descriptive.  Entirely obsessed with inhibitions and losing them,  and while all the characters arrive broken in some form, they are given the tools and the person that will help them start to heal together.

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