Review: Indecent… Proposal (Indecent #2)by Jane O’Reilly

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Review: Indecent… Proposal (Indecent #2)by Jane O’Reilly

Amber is a sexual adventurer. But at the wedding of two of her fuck buddies, she feels a little down. She cheers herself up with a quickie against a wall with one of the ushers, but when she’s caught in the act by her best friend’s handsome but uptight brother Scott – she gets a real taste for mischief.

Amber knows he wants her – and she tempts him into sexual explorations beyond his wildest dreams. But then Scott turns the tables, demanding something of her that’s way beyond her comfort zone. Something that frightens her. Amber likes being tied up… but can she be tied down?

Title: Indecent...Proposal
Author: Jane O'Reilly
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Published by Carina UK
Source: Author
Published: 11 March, 2014
Genres: BDSM, Erotic Contemporary Romance
Pages: 79
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: four-flames

The second in the Indecent Trilogy is Amber’s story. We first met Amber in the midst of a personal crisis: she had just lost her boyfriend and was looking to have Ellie take some racy photos to get back at her boyfriend.   Her ex is getting married to the ‘other woman’, the only difference is that Amber has been playing with the couple for months.  A sexually adventurous woman, she has never been in many relationships: her self-esteem is low, and her use of sex as a weapon and a control aid doesn’t allow for tender words.

Seeking to fill the empty spot, she sneaks off at the wedding to have a quick no-nonsense tryst, and is surprised by Ellie’s brother Scott.  The two have sniped at one another for years: she thinks he’s too uptight,  he corrects and challenges her willingness to deal with men and situations that are little more than time-wasters.

Amber puts the moves on Scott, and sees that he isn’t quite as buttoned down or uptight as she thought.  And when she brings a second man into their relationship, and Scott starts to direct him one night, Amber freaks out.  Her sexual proclivities have always had her with the upper hand, and she could use and discard at will. But Scott is something different, and his perceived willingness to allow another man into their relationship sends her esteem into a tailspin.

Far more emotionally charged and raw than the first book, Amber and Scott are always butting heads when they aren’t in the middle of steamy hot monkey sex.  But Amber’s emotions are far closer to the surface, and far less controlled than I even expected early in this book, and O’Reilly’s writing and pacing serve the emotional tension well.  Again we have a broken person in Amber, finding the potential of someone who will see her, and accept her unconditionally.  More inhibitions are lost, and readers will find that there is no lack of steam or emotion in this quick read.

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