Review: An Indoctrinated Man (Desert Sanctuary #2) by Lavinia Lewis

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Review: An Indoctrinated Man (Desert Sanctuary #2) by Lavinia Lewis

Wolf shifter Erik Masters has had a lot of sleepless nights since he visited the illegal compound in New Mexico which housed scores of newly made wolves. The atrocities he witnessed on site have been weighing heavily on his mind. When he learns that another convoy of these shifters will shortly be arriving in the sanctuary, his anger and sense of hopelessness increase. Worse still is the news of a recent discovery―some of the shifters have come from a different compound, but its location is as yet unknown. 

When special ops leader, Jace Bryson commands Erik to befriend one of the new shifters so that they may discover the new compound’s whereabouts, Erik’s reaction is one of disbelief. Horrific events in his past have left him feeling bitter and jaded. He doesn’t trust strangers and is far more at ease in his own company. When he discovers that Clark, the shifter he’s been assigned to is his mate, Erik’s problems have only just begun. Clark Perry is far from an average shifter, made or otherwise. It appears his trust issues are more deeply rooted than Erik’s and Clark might just have an agenda of his own.

Title: An Indoctrinated Mas
Author: Lavinia Lewis
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Series: Desert Sanctuary #2
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Published by Totally Bound
Source: Publisher
Published: 25 April 2014
Genres: Male Male Romance, Military Romance, Paranormal
Pages: 95
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Stars: four-half-stars
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An Indoctrinated Man by Lavinia Lewis was a welcomed addition to her Desert Sanctuary series. Born shifters and made shifters must traverse the animosity, confusion and trepidations that occur when the two groups are thrust together. In the middle of the desert lies a sanctuary run by shifters designed to battle evil forces hell-bent on eradicating the shifters and designed to help made shifters cast aside by society.

Clark is a genetically made shifter, working for an organization wanting to infiltrate Sanctuary. Unbeknownst to Clark, he has been misled and sent on a mission of deception. Erik, wolf shifter, friend to the camp captain and loner, discovers Clark is his mate upon his arrival. Trying to fight the mating pull proves futile and soon Erik comes clean and tells Clark the truth of being mates.

The road becomes rocky for the two men, but realize that healing and working together yields far better rewards, especially when love ensues.

Ms. Lewis wrote action-packed drama with the underlying of a love story. A tale of fighting for survival that enhanced the overall premise of the series. Ms. Lewis style of writing always keeps this reviewer intrigued and content.  She spins dramatic writing with truth and reality, regardless of paranormal or human. An Indoctrinated Man brought together two men with scarred pasts and united kindred spirits in love and harmony.


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