Review: Initiate by Nulli Para Ora

December 17, 2013 Review 0

Review: Initiate by Nulli Para Ora

On the surface, the kingdom of Minra appears idyllic, steeped in peace and prosperity. This peace comes at a price. The villages of the kingdom offer up Initiates—individuals who vie for the chance to be selected as the King’s Companion—to preserve the kingdom. Initiate and Companion are the most honored and coveted roles in all the land, for Companions nourish Minra’s monarch with their life force until they die, allowing their wise king to survive for generations.

Under Ritual Trainers bound in service to the king, Initiates are selected and brought to the palace to fulfill their duty. All Initiates greet this opportunity with happiness and reverence.

Almost all. One Initiate forsakes time-honored traditions in favor of self-preservation.

Is this forfeiture of life a worthy trade—or even necessary—for the good of the kingdom? In the battle for superiority, can love survive and overthrow generations of sacrifice and tradition?

Title: Initiate
Author: Nulli Para Ora
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Published by Liquid Silver Books
Source: Author
Published: February 11, 2013
Genres: Fantasy Romance
Pages: 94
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: four-flames
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This was a very fun and unique story. The pacing of the story was good and the characters were well written. There was a couple of spots that I felt could have been more expanded but still it was a really good read and I recommend it if you are looking for a quick, enjoyable, fantasy story with a happy forever after.

What I liked about it was the plot was very unique and the characters very clear. I loved the characters in the story. Ashland was a really great main character. I love her voice and the comments that just seem to fall out of her mouth crack me up. LaTara was a great addition also. Her clueless comments lead you to assume that she is uneducated and naïve plus leave openings for some of the funniest comebacks that Ashland offers in this story. Cirian was asking for it with the whole hood thing and calm and collected attitude. He was the perfect balance for Ashland.  The ending was perfect for all of them.

What I did not like as much was I felt that some parts were rushed or skimmed over. The whole book felt like it could have atleast doubled the amount of pages without much effort. The characters and plot could have been more fleshed out in places. However that being said I did not feel like I read an incomplete story.

All in all this was a good book and it definitely makes me want to check out more of this author’s titles as this was the first one of hers that I had read.



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