Review: Instinct (The Halfling Chronicles) by J.A. Garland

September 9, 2013 Review 1

Review: Instinct (The Halfling Chronicles) by J.A. Garland

Lone wolf, Rory Archer, never failed a single mission. Now the hunted instead of the hunter, Rory unwinds a twisted trail leading back to Amber Arlington, a spirited Halfling tied to a world of Shadows. Bound to vows initially forged out of necessity, Rory and Amber's relationship surges into more than either of them bargained for, tangling them in a web of passion. Scrambling to identify their attacker before joining the casualty list, Rory is faced with doing the unthinkable, or watching Amber turned into a slave for his species. In the battle against Shadows, demons and all variety of monsters come out to fight.

Title: Instinct
Author: J. A. Garland
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Series: The Halfling Chronicles
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Published by Burst Books
Source: Author
Published: 11/04/2012
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 189
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Stars: four-stars

This book was a slow start for me but once I was able to get into it I enjoyed the storyline and the introduction into so many different characters and species. There are werewolves or shifters as well as vampires in this book but there are also demons and halflings and even elves.

I really enjoyed the introduction to the different demons in this story. One of the main characters is a halfing. She is part human and part demon with power of control over werewolves. She can make them do what she wants to but only for a short period of time. I found this to be an interesting characteristic and I am wondering if it will come into play later in the series also.

The two main characters were made for each other. While Rory has some issues trusting I can also see why. The struggle within himself is very well represented and comes across well to the reader. Amber really cares about helping people but she also wants to know more about her heritage and father.  I enjoyed the findings of the portals and the demon world when Amber ventured in.

The bad guys in the story were very well represented. It wasn’t just one person with an agenda. It turned out to be a complex plot involving some that were very obviously bad guys while others you weren’t so sure until it was revealed. I like it when you can’t guess their motivation or even who all is in on the plot.

My only problem with the story was that I wasn’t always able to keep up with the switch in characters and keeping them straight. It just seemed that the reader was already supposed to know the other characters because the chapter just started off without an introduction or explanation weaved in. I for the most part now have them straight but it took me a little while and I did re-read a couple bits.

All in all it is a good book and a good start to a new series. I can’t wait to start the next one so I can see where this is headed.




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