Review: Intercepting Daisy (Love and Football #6) by Julie Brannagh

December 7, 2016 Review 0

Review: Intercepting Daisy (Love and Football #6) by Julie Brannagh

When Daisy Spencer wrote an erotic novella about the Seattle Sharks’ backup quarterback and her #1 crush, Grant Parker, she never expected it to become a runaway bestseller. If anyone discovers she wrote the sexy story, her days as a flight attendant for the Sharks would be over. But once she gets to know the real man behind the fantasy, her heart may be in more danger than her job.

Having Seattle fans think squeaky clean Grant is wild in bed is the last thing he needs—even if it might be closer to the truth than he will ever say. As he spends his days, and nights, with the gorgeous Daisy, he’s not interested in going back to the lonely life he once led. But when the real author of the novella is finally outed, Grant and Daisy must both reveal the secrets they’ve hidden away or risk losing a love that’s better than any fantasy.

Title: Intercepting Daisy (Love and Football #6)
Author: Julie Brannagh
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Series: Love and Football #6
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: Blitzing Emily
Published by Avon
Source: Publisher
Published: September 6, 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 304
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Stars: two-stars
Flames: five-flames
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Having read and enjoyed all the other books in this series, I was excited to pick up INTERCEPTING DAISY. I also follow the author on social media, and I was aware that she’d stepped out of her comfort zone with this one, which made me very curious and eager to give it a read.

That being said, this one was a flop for me. The story was imbalanced; the relationship between the characters took a back seat to the detailed sex (both between the characters and in the snippets of Daisy’s self-published erotic novel). Yes, the sex scenes were hot, but I saw zero chemistry between the H/Hh. Zero. They barely spoke for the majority of the novel, and I kept thinking, “Seriously, you’ve been on one date. Get a freaking grip.” The hero, Grant, is a quiet guy – but he was positively silent when it came to talking with Daisy. Daisy was more outgoing but didn’t seem overly bothered that she was now dating the subject of her erotic novel (come on, that’s just weird).

Another thing that bothered me about this storyline was that a single conversation, which had plenty of opportunity to occur (as each of them “really wanted to talk” but decided against it for no good reason EVERY TIME) would’ve fixed their issues – and it had me rolling my eyes, as I saw through what she was doing there. I hate this trope. I mean, come on. That reads more like an NA where the characters are too immature to know better. Brannagh can – and has – done better.

The storyline felt forced and unnatural, and I was quite disappointed in it.

With all this being said, I do see the potential for Brannagh to continue writing in this vein (quite sexy, very hot), but perhaps with the next one it’ll concentrate equally on the relationship development and the sex. I will still read this author, and have to chalk this one up to a learning curve on her part. There’s potential, but the balance of the story elements needs work.


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