Review: Into the Light (Avery #2) by Carter Quinn

May 25, 2015 Review 0

Review: Into the Light (Avery #2) by Carter Quinn

Avery spent years in the blackness, fighting memories of abuse and feelings of self-loathing. His only sanctuary used to be his brother Sam, but after two years of intensive therapy and a long-term relationship with Noah, his world is a much brighter place.

Things have changed in the year and a half since Avery and Noah confessed their love for each other. Noah’s mother and brother have moved East. Sam and Kira are married. And Avery and Noah are moving in together at long last. Family dynamics strain in uncomfortable new ways, especially when Avery’s past reappears.

What will this mean for Avery’s recovery? Will he surrender to the Blackness or is he strong enough to continue his journey Into the Light?

Title: Into the Light
Author: Carter Quinn
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Series: Avery
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Source: Author
Published: May 26, 2015
Genres: Male Male Romance
Pages: 164
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-flames

Noah to Avery: “I thought you loved my sap.”

I have to answer yes to this. Into the Light is a sappy, happy, hearts and flowers romance. It’s not that cheesy sappy though. When one looks at Avery’s past it just happens to be the only kind of happily ever after that could work for him. At the beginning of this book readers get to know an Avery that has had well over a year of therapy, and love and devotion from Noah. He’s in a good place and things can only get better for him. This is a happy book. I do recommend reading Out of the Blackness first though. Into the Light doesn’t work on its own.

Avery is living the life he never allowed himself to believe he was worthy of having. He has a happy home with the man he loves. He has friends that he cherishes so much he calls them family. He has a full life. His family is getting bigger though and it seems that adding more nuts into this already mixed bag may cause some stress and poor behaviors from others. It is after all family and there are times that that is simply the family way. Avery has to deal with new situations that he never had to attempt to handle while he remained firmly in the blackness.

This second installment into Avery’s life is told from both his and Noah’s point of view, first person. As with its predecessor it takes place over the majority of a year. Rest assured it is not all sap. There is plenty of conflict and tough situations for Avery to deal with. The happy comes from the fact that he has such an incredible support network to give him the shoulders and hands that he had so few of in his past. Noah and Avery are also a couple that I was more than happy to revisit. They’ve had a great romance to share and it would seem that Carter Quinn plans on continuing to share it with his readers.

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