Review: It’s a Sin (Summerskill and Lyon #1) by Steve Burford

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Review: It’s a Sin (Summerskill and Lyon #1) by Steve Burford

“He is a talented and very promising young policeman. Make no mistakes, he deserves the promotion.”

But when gay Detective Sergeant Dave Lyon is assigned to Detective Inspector Claire Summerskill’s team as part of the Service’s ‘positive discrimination policy’, no-one at Foregate Street Station is happy. And that includes Summerskill and Lyon.

Mutual suspicion and mistrust must be shelved however, when a young man’s beaten body is found on a canal tow path, and a dead-end case of ‘happy slapping’ unexpectedly turns into a murder investigation.

Why would someone want to kill middle class arts student Jonathan Williams? And how is his death linked to that of rent boy and would be ‘adult’ film star Sean?

As Summerskill and Lyon’s investigations proceed, the newly-promoted detectives begin to untangle a web of connections, false assumptions and sheer prejudices that force them both to question closely not just their relationship with each other but with the rest of their colleagues at Foregate Street Station and with the Police Service as a whole.

“It’s A Sin” is the first in the “Summerskill and Lyon” police procedural novels.

Title: It's a Sin
Author: Steve Burford
Series: Summerskill and Lyon
Published by Nine Star Press
Source: Publisher
Published: January 10, 2016
Genres: Crime Drama, Male Male Romance, Suspense
Pages: 239
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: one-flame
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I am telling you from the get-go that if you are looking for an M/M romance, you will not find it in here. What you will find is a great crime procedural novel with a lot of twists and you will be hooked on that book.

Dave is an openly gay sergeant that has been transferred to a new location. We are witnessing him arriving at his first day of work at the Foregate Street Station. The first thing he is doing when arriving at his desk is to place his boyfriend picture on it. That will prevent him to do his coming out on an individual basis and it is sending a clear message to his new colleagues. Dave’s new boss is newly promoted inspector Claire Summerskill. When she learned that she is teamed with Dave instead of her friend Jenny, she is not happy about that. However, she is quite relieved to have Dave on her team when the first case they need to work on is the murder of gay men.

Both Claire and Dave have partners. We get to see their home dynamics and their struggles, but then again, it is a minor part of the story. The story is set in England, more specifically in a city called Worcester (it has about 100,000 population). There is that delicious British vibe about that story that is refreshing.

Now, let’s take a closer to the story. It is starting out slowly and building up little by little. Steve Burford managed to carefully place all the essential elements to make a cohesive and truly believable story. Jonathan Williams body was found on a canal tow path. As the investigation begins, they found out that he was gay and that he is a camera junkie. He always had his camera by his side and was filming everything. Dave and Claire are trying to find out what happened to Jonathan. That’s when all the mystery is coming alive and let me tell you there are a couple of twists that I haven’t seen coming at all!

I loved reading about Dave experiences and how he is giving a unique spin on some elements in the case. I also love how the relationship between Dave and Claire is evolving from professional to a more intimate one (as friends).

I am delighted about this read, I am always in for a great crime novel and this one has anything I could have asked for in it. If you are into that genre you should give a try I sure you will like it as well!



It's a Sin
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