Review: Jesse’s Soul by Amy Gregory

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Review: Jesse’s Soul by Amy Gregory

Jesse Frost lived the life most men would kill for. Fast bikes, fame, money, and looks. He hadn’t thought much about those things throughout his career. He was just an easy-going guy from Texas who always worked hard for everything he got in life. He’d been the shy guy in school, so when the prom queen found him years later, he thought he had finally made it. Her mirage, however, left him empty and certain there was no one that wanted him just for the man inside.
Emery Kincaid has a last name that is revered in their world. A woman in a man’s world and succeeding, Irish through and through, she has the temper and sass to boot and a reputation that precedes her. She has remained strong because she’s had no other choice. The pain she masks runs deep and hiding it is the only way she can survive.
Thrown together and forced to be in each other’s space day in and day out, sparks start to fly—from chemistry and the brakes she tries desperately to throw on. Without a doubt, Jesse thinks he’s found her, but the girl that stole his heart has a stubborn streak a country mile wide.
What Jesse doesn’t know could break his heart. Hiding her true feelings for him is the only way for Emery to protect him and in turn—herself. She barely made it out the first time. If she let Jesse in and he walked away…well, that’s a risk her heart can’t take.

Title: Jesse's Soul
Author: Amy Gregory
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Series: Racing to Love
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: Carter's Treasure, Brody's Love, Jesse's Soul, Eli's Honor
Published by Sapphire Star Publishing
Source: Author
Published: December 2012
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 382
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Stars: three-half-stars
Flames: three-flames

Reviewed by: Mustang Sally

I received this book in exchange for an honest review, and honestly? I really liked the story of Jesse and Emery.  I realized about two chapters in that “Racing to Love” is a series that started with “Carter’s Treasure” and Jesse was introduced in the first book.  In my opinion, the book can be read as a stand-alone book, but you will enjoy the characters so much, I believe you will want to read them all at some point.  I quickly fell into this book and had a hard time putting it down.

Jesse Frost is a motorcycle rider lovingly referred to as “Cowboy” on several occasions in the book and who doesn’t love a smoking hot “Cowboy” with a 5 o’clock shadow 24/7? Jesse has been around the block and has been burned, but is not your typical player you would find on a championship racing circuit. After his last brush with fire, Jesse was gun-shy of any woman to say the least.  Jesse came across as very down-to-earth and like a “good ‘ol boy” with a good heart and fierce loyalty to family and friends.

Emery Kincaid is from a family of racers from her Grandfather, father, brother and it allowed her to find her own niche that she loved as well.  She is not your typical “grease monkey” in the pits and her reputation as a motorcycle mechanic precedes her.  As a woman in a man’s world, she struggles for her reputation and respect in her profession and that is evidenced in the book.  She handles it in a way that many women could learn from, with class, confidence, and sternness that made me proud.  In her personal life, she has been dealt some harsh blows from “mommy issues” to crazy exes who run at the first sign of trouble, so she, too, is gun-shy and with good reason.

When she and Jesse meet, sparks fly, but with the wounds of the past still open and the desire to uphold her professional reputation, Emery keeps Jesse at arm’s length, until neither could stand the separation any longer.

As I said, I loved the story, the struggle to tear down the walls of pain and fear from past issues to let love and healing come in will always win me over, but I felt connected to both characters.  I especially enjoyed the realness of the relationship.  Yes, Jesse is hot and Emery is girl-next-door beautiful, but they were real.  The sexual tension was tangible and the actual making love would be what you would expect in real-life – not a marathon, never-ending, unrealistic stud who can’t get enough etc every time they turned and for hours on end every time.  It felt like I was looking at a relationship I could have and not just a fairy tale. There were other struggles that Emery had, but I won’t spoil the book, that were very realistic to a normal relationship and the family atmosphere at the track was amazing to watch as they rallied together for Jesse and Emery.  You had to root for them to win on more than just the dirt track.

I had a few issues with the writing, but it’s mainly because I wanted more story and less internal dialogue.  The author has a great sense of her characters and a quick wit that shows in her writing. There is never a dull moment when the banter gets going between Jesse and Molly, Emery and Molly, and several other combinations – all making for an enjoyable read.  But, when the story is full, you don’t have to constantly tell what a character is thinking because you sense it and you understand their struggle personally – you feel it and sometimes I wanted to tell a character to shut up and get on with the story itself, but that’s just me.  Another thing was skips and jumps that leave you hanging and not in a good way for me at times. The author would build up a scene – like the first date – with all the details of what she was wearing and how she was just his type, but it wasn’t a “date-date” etc…and then she would skip to a completely different scene and never fill you in on the “date” night.  The first time it happened, I was like – what?  After it continued to happen, it frustrated me, because I really wanted to see the full story — relationship’s details, Jesse’s race scenarios and wins, and the struggles with her health to play out in full.  It felt like a lot of scenes were deleted and left on the cutting room floor.  It’s a good thing though because with that said, the story of Jesse and Emery had me hooked from the first “honey” and I was still hooked when I stopped counting after the 40th “honey” and was wanting more…I will definitely catch up on Carter and Molly’s story and look forward to the next installment of “Racing to Love”…

Definitely a good summer beach or pool read…or just a smoldering Cowboy to keep you warm at night…J…Highly recommend!

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