Review: Joyzal’s Prize (Alien Bounty Hunters #2) by Michele Mills

March 16, 2017 Review 0

Review: Joyzal’s Prize (Alien Bounty Hunters #2) by Michele Mills

He’s found his mate and he’s keeping her.

Jacole is supposed to leave in the morning to start training at Quantico. Instead she’s been kidnapped by asshole space pirates who are about to sell her and the other women they’ve captured as sex slaves to the highest bidder. Oh hell, no. Jacole vows they’ll soon realize they’ve caught the wrong damn human. She organizes a mutiny to take down the f*kers who’ve kidnapped them…but the plan is interrupted when someone blows a hole in the side of the ship.

A seven foot tall lethal warrior emerges from the rubble with a weapon in each clawed hand. Jacole is speechless before this display of manly glory. This Bounty Hunter is easily the handsomest man (alien) she’s ever seen. Her panties are instantly wet. He touches her, kisses her, throws her on his ship and claims her, and vows she’s the female he’s waited all his life to find. His Bride!

What the hell?

Well, he might be a lover like no other and an aggressive and driven male she could actually…admire, but Jacole doesn’t do forever. In order to earn her love, he has to earn her trust.

Title: Joyzal's Prize
Author: Michele Mills
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Series: Alien Bounty Hunters #2
Published by Self
Source: Author
Published: February 11th 2017
Genres: Erotic Paranormal Romance, Erotic Sci Fi Romance
Pages: 103 pages
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Stars: four-half-stars
Flames: four-flames
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Jacole, from Earth, is kidnapped by space pirates and intended to be sold as a sex slave to the highest bidder. She is one of many different species kept in cages aboard the pirate ship. She and the other women set to overtake the guards, when a would be hero bursts into the ship, and guns them all down! Joyzal, a bounty hunter coming for the pirate captain, is set on keeping his number one bounty hunter status and this pirate captain is sure to help! When leaving, he spots Jacole, and although he recognizes her as human, her dark skin color requires him to offer his assistance.  When she reaches out to him, she unknowingly invited him to mating compatibility.  When he accepts her touch, sparks fly, and instant desire is clouding their ability to think clear.  She thinks he’s a hot alien, whose heroism gets her going, he thinks she’s now is mate, so takes her to his ship.  When she wakes, she is chased, and then mated by him per his species mating ritual. When she finds out, she’s wary. She doesn’t have a good track record with men. They can’t be trusted. He won’t want her down the line. Joyzal needs to convince her what he says is real-his feelings are real, and she will want to stay with him.

I really liked this book! Geez! Joyzal is hot! He’s all kinds of strapping male, and Jacole is majoring taken with him. It was kind of funny how the mating ritual was and I am sure if Jacole had any inkling, she would’ve objected.  She’d been hurt by men, and didn’t want to be vulnerable again.  Joyzal is an older man-forty-and had given up ever finding his mate-his Bride. When he saw Jacole and she offered her touch, he was flabbergasted.  I knew he was going to do his best to convince her he is not like the others, and means what he says.  She finds she likes the attentiveness and the sex is holey hell off the charts! But that little voice in her head keeps talking…..

Joyzal’s Prize is book two in the Alien Bounty Hunters series and I am hooked! This is the first book by Michele Mills I have read and I like her easy style of writing. Joyzal and Jacole’s journey was enlightening.  The read was fun, quick, and satisfying!  Now I am going to read book one, Rayzor’s One and see what I missed!!


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