Review: Junior: Unscripted (Ivory Towers #3) by Daisy Harris

November 6, 2014 Review 0

Review: Junior: Unscripted (Ivory Towers #3) by Daisy Harris

Book Three in the Ivory Towers series.

Shane's first year out of college crushes his ego. When visiting Angel and the opportunity for a threesome arises, will it bring them closer or drive them apart?

Two months filming his first movie away from school have left Shane Roberts a changed man—humbled, conflicted, and more than anything scared that his boyfriend Angel won’t love him anymore once he finds out Shane’s weaknesses.

Excited as Angel is to have Shane home, Angel wonders why Shane feels like a stranger. He knows Shane has a wall up, but has no idea how to rip it down. When the opportunity arises to explore a ménage with an old friend of Shane’s, Angel is initially wary, but hopes that the experience will help jar him and Shane out of their funk.

If there’s one thing Shane is still confident about, it’s his abilities in the bedroom. So despite their high blood alcohol level and his niggling worry that sharing Angel with another man will ruin their relationship, Shane tries to give Angel the sexual experience of a lifetime.

But real world failures are tougher to handle than the silly hijinks Shane got up to in college. This time, the very thing Shane’s always relied on to hold Angel and Shane together backfires spectacularly. Shane fears he’s pushed Angel away right when he needs Angel the most.

If Shane wants to keep his boyfriend and save his relationship, he’ll have to admit he’s not the guy Angel thought he was. But maybe if Shane opens his heart, he’ll find Angel loves him not only for his successes, but also for the man he is inside.

Title: Junior Unscripted
Author: Daisy Harris
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Series: Ivory Towers
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Published by Total-e-Bound Publishing
Source: Publisher
Published: August 30, 2013
Genres: Male Male Romance
Pages: 59
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Stars: four-stars

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Angel and Shane have gotten very comfortable in their relationship. At this point they are a couple of years into it. Shane has been living in New York working on his screenplay. He returns to Angel as often as possible for visits. They are really making the relationship that had Angel so scared in the previous book work.

As with any relationship problems arise. Angel has had a problem expressing his thoughts, desires, and wants to Shane from the very beginning. Readers are presented with an older, more secure Angel in Junior: Unscripted. He still has some of the communication issues that simply just seem to be a part of him that will never go away, but he is more vocal than the freshman we were originally introduced to. He is more comfortable with who he is. This was all kind of shocking to me.

Shane has been a rock to Angel from the very beginning. Now that he has graduated and moved away to begin building his career in the film industry Angel has been without Shane much of the time. This did not play the way I had thought it would. Shane has been out on his own without Angel and when he returns he is the changed man. Shane is the one with some doubts and insecurities.

I’m enjoying the manner in which this series has continued. Shane and Angel while they are happy and in a committed relationship they are still working towards their happily ever after. I absolutely love how Angel has grown as a character. Its sad to say this, but I was pleased with Shane having some issues this go round. He needed a little mess in his life that was of his own doing. I can’t wait to get my hands on the fourth and final installment of this series.

Daisy Harris

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