Review: Just a Girl by Ellie Cahill

June 18, 2016 Review 1

Review: Just a Girl by Ellie Cahill

In this pitch-perfect novel from the author of When Joss Met Matt (“One of those books that make you forget everything around you.”—Sophie Jordan), a rock ’n’ roll diva must choose between her career and her heart.

After getting kicked out of her own band—by her own boyfriend—Presley Mason finds herself back in Wisconsin, helping her parents run their renowned music store. Instead of belting out powerhouse vocals to sold-out crowds in L.A., she’s stocking shelves and inspecting rental violins. But the shop isn’t all bad: When she’s vacuuming up late one night, she bumps into the guitar teacher with the smoldering amber eyes and the killer tattoo. And that’s when things take an interesting turn.

Presley soon finds that Paul Kellerman is as good in bed as he is on guitar. So why isn’t he stoked to share his band, Jukebox Bleu, with her? Turns out Paul has crippling stage fright, which he’s been self-medicating without much success. But when Jukebox Bleu’s lead singer gets called for military service, the other members beg Presley to front them. Even though she swore never to mix men with music again, the temptation to perform is almost as intense as her chemistry with Paul. Now Presley must decide what’s more important: a second chance at love . . . or rock stardom.

Praise for Ellie Cahill’s When Joss Met Matt

“Hands down one of my favorite New Adult reads . . . Ellie Cahill is definitely one to watch!”—New York Times bestselling author Cora Carmack

“This is one of those books that make you forget everything around you. Prepare to be consumed by this story.”—New York Times bestselling author Sophie Jordan

“Fun, sexy, and full of amazing chemistry, When Joss Met Matt is an entertaining escape that will leave you smiling with every turn of the page.”—Cassie Mae, author of No Interest in Love

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Title: Just a Girl
Author: Ellie Cahill
Published by LoveSwept
Source: Publisher
Published: 06/21/2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance, New Adult
Pages: 224
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Stars: three-half-stars
Flames: three-flames
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I decided to wait for a couple of days after I finished a book before writing a review.  I wanted to know if I would feel the same way  about a story that I did when I first finished it.  Just a Girl grew on me in those last couple of days.  I may not be jumping up and down when I think about it, but it was entertaining and I really liked that one of the main characters was dealing with an anxiety disorder.

Presley Mason was kicked out of Luminous 6 (her music band) and she decides to leave LA and go back to her parent’s place in Waukesha, Wisconsin.  Brandon, her boyfriend at that time was also in the same band.  Being kicked out meant the end of her professional and personal life as she knows it.  She decided to go back to work in her parents Music store, where all her music dreams were born when she was younger.  At first, she was kind of depressed and did not want to sing anymore.  Then one day she met Paul Kellerman, a music teacher in the store and she is embarking on a new journey along with a renewed passion for singing.

There were cool features in this book.  I absolutely loved that the author included a song playlist that is a perfect match for Presley emotions.  It is showing that Ellie Cahill  is passionate about music and that was inspirational to see this passion coming through.  The other thing that I love is that a lot of chapters are beginning with a text message transcription between Presley and her best friend Liv (that is still living in LA).  Those features are providing a fun and entertaining dimension to the story.

Paul has been dealing with anxiety since he was a young boy.  His anxiety reaches its climax when he had to go up on a stage to play music with his band.  His sister Kenzie is always by his side and she is helping him to get over his anxiety attack.  Paul had not sought any professional help and he is self-medicating.  As time goes by, he is taking a lot of different drugs and he is starting to have various issues when it comes to dealing with his emotions.  It was intense and raw to read about his various issues.  Having anxiety attack, I could relate to Paul very much and he is a strong character.  His sister Kenzie is a sweet and caring sister that is always there for her brother.

Presley has her own issues.  When we have been hurt in the past, we cope with it to the best of our abilities.  She did not always take the right decision and she ended up hurting a lot of people.  She is learning from her mistakes and she is also learning to trust her heart.  She is on a journey to find herself, her true voice.  Step by step she is learning from life and opening to it.  I was not crazy about this character, mainly because she did not speak to my heart the way Paul did.

Overall, this is a good story!  I really liked those Thursday night when a lot of artists were coming to Presley parents music store to jam together.  I felt like I was there and it felt good. I also like the romance between Presley and Paul.  If you are into those type of stories, I definitely recommend it.

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