Review: Keeping Karma by Tory Temple

November 3, 2016 Review 0

Review: Keeping Karma by Tory Temple

Alex Myers is keeping deeper secrets than just his pet ferret, Karma, who is illegal in California. Both Alex and his twin sister, Tabitha, can “hear” the thoughts of animals. It’s an ability he puts to good use working at an emergency animal clinic while studying to become a veterinarian.

One night, local animal-control officer Dylan Travers comes into the clinic with an injured fawn, and it doesn’t take the two men long to act on their mutual attraction. But the closer they become, the harder it is for Alex to keep Karma and the rest of his menagerie from Dylan. And then there’s the matter of his ability…. Will Dylan even believe him if he tries to explain?

Add to that debilitating migraines from especially “loud” animals and a scheming coworker threatening the clinic, and Alex needs Dylan’s support more than ever. Alex just wants to keep his job, his pets, his lover, and his sanity. But he can’t do it alone.

Title: Keeping Karma
Author: Tory Temple
Published by Dreamspinner Press
Source: Purchased for Self
Published: August 24, 2016
Genres: Male Male Romance
Pages: 138
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Stars: two-stars
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Ferret. The blurb had me at ferret. I’m owned by one of these little guys so I just had to read Keeping Karma. Alex’s ability to hear animals was another plus. He’s doing great things with his education and job choice. It allows him to use his ability for good. Alex is so easily likeable. He puts his health at risk to help animals that can’t articulate their thoughts as easily as us bipedal humans.

The author throws in a sexy animal control officer that loves his job and helps animal in a completely different way. This is exactly the type of man that Alex needs in his life, someone who is just as compassionate in his love of animals that he is. There was so much promise here in these pages. I had so much high hopes for this. I had two big issues that hindered my enjoyment.

Look at that cute cover. Doesn’t it scream sweet romance? Dylan and Alex hump like the bunny on the cover far too much. They cannot keep their hands off of each other and get it on constantly. Location doesn’t matter. They go after each other in completely inappropriate places where they even get caught by the random character that is kind of villainesque.

The ending definitely felt happily ever afterish but the men never exchanged an “I love you.” This would have been important in solidifying their bond, especially after Dylan finds out about Alex’s BIG secret. You know that that is the big thing they’re going to have to get through for their relationship to work long-term. One of these guys can clearly hear (in his head) what the animals around him are thinking. Dylan has a reaction that felt off. Then how he behaves after when it is mentions goes back to my over-sexed issue. I honestly don’t know if Dylan ever accepted it in the end.

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