Review: Kilting Me Softly by Persephone Jones

June 4, 2013 Review 1

Review: Kilting Me Softly by Persephone Jones

Morgan Keevy is a woman hell-bent on revenge. She's traveled thousands of miles to Scotland to kill Ciaran McCade, the man responsible for murdering her twin sister Megan. So she's horrified by her lust-filled response to him at their first meeting. All werewolf Conall McCade wants is a pint in the local pub. When he meets sexy Morgan at the bar, he believes he's hit the one-night-stand lottery. Unbeknownst to Conall, Morgan thinks he's Ciaran, his deranged twin brother-a fact he doesn't learn until he's tied to the bed...naked...with a silver dagger aimed for his heart. The moon is full. Lust is in the air. And no one is who or what they seem. A Romantica(r) paranormal erotic romance from Ellora's Cave.

Title: Kilting Me Softly
Author: Persephone Jones
Series: Sexy Scots
Source: Publisher
Published: 5/10/2013
Genres: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Pages: 85
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: four-flames

This was an enjoyable fast read. It is good for lunch breaks or maybe a wait at the airport. Of course as always with short reads I wish there was more but then I wouldn’t be able to read it so fast.

Morgan has quite a range of emotions in this story but this is not surprising as she experiences so much. Conall doesn’t know what hits him when he meets Morgan but he knows that no matter what he can’t let her go. This was a case of love or atleast lust at first sight.

Morgan has visions of what her sister seen when she was killed. I wished this had been explored a little more. It just was basically she had them & so she knew Ciaran killed her sister. I also did find it a little surprising that Morgan did all this research to find Ciaran but she still had no clue that he had a twin brother.

Of course the ending is predictable with the guy gets girl but how they get there had several surprises along the way. The twists and turns in this story were very surprising but I enjoyed it. I would read more by this author and especially if it has hot Scots in it.



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  1. Mary

    Poor guy, all he wants is a beer in the local pub! (He’s got some serious lippage going on in that cover…) LOL!