Review: With Her Kiss (Swords of Passion # 3) by Cerise DeLand

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Review: With Her Kiss (Swords of Passion # 3)  by Cerise DeLand

Book Three in the Swords of Passion series.

Defying his king, Geoffrey St. Claire invades a dungeon to save the woman he loves from cruel death. This time, he vows, he will save her and make her love him—or die trying.

Countess Katherine Harleigh knew her refusal to become King John's lover courted his punishment. But she never thought he'd try to starve her. Cast into a dungeon—widowed, alone and disgraced—Kat fears no one can save her. Not even the one knight who always promised to love and protect her.

Geoffrey St. Claire serves his Sire as loyally as a sane man can. But when John imprisons the one woman Geoff has always adored, he risks his lands and his life to ride to her rescue. Yet, he knows she will never welcome his aid. She hates him too much for deserting her years ago. But he will not leave her this time.

Now, Geoff plans to save her from death and despair, nurse her back to health and then persuade her to love him as wholly as she once did. Seduction in her bath, her bed, her chamber is his only method and he prays he can restore her love for him before John appears with an army to take her from him once more…this time, forever.

Title: With Her Kiss
Author: Cerise DeLand
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Published by Total-e-Bound Publishing
Source: Publisher
Published: 6 September 2013
Genres: Erotic Historical Romance
Pages: 99
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: four-flames
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The third book in this series, it really is simply a story of lost lovers reuniting. Not to get too simple, there is an imprisoned woman in a nunnery, her first lover, now a baron and wealthy after returning from the Crusades, a freakishly petulant king and his equally debased errand boys, and an England on the verge of collapse or revolt.

King John (after Richard, actually considered the worst King ever in the long list of not so greats) is usurious and petulant, power mad and vengeful without thought to his own reputation, his attempts to tax and/ or force Kat to his bed have failed. Recently widowed after a long and unhappy marriage, her heart has never left Geoffrey’s care, even as she rails against his leaving her when they were young. When John’s man kidnaps Kat and places her in the oubliette at a nunnery some 70 miles from her castle (that he plans to add to his own pile of taken lands).

While Geoffrey has been away from Kat, he has never forgotten her, in fact he believes her dead when a trusted friend brings her news that she is alive, at the moment, and prisoner. A rescue is staged, and Kat is recovered and with his careful nurturing shows the patience, heart and love for this woman was never lost. Slowly but surely he brings her back to life and strength, while convincing her that he alone is the one to satisfy her heart and her body.

With a clever set of characters that mix the real and the imagined to set a scene wholly reminiscent of the early 13th century, Cerise deLand has created a lovely story that provides readers with background information to understand the character’s motivations even if they (like I ) have not read the first two in the series. With some steamy sex, declarations of love and the well-described connection between Geoffrey and Kat add steam and sizzle to this installment, and provide a ready sense of the happy for now with potential for more to come.

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