Review: Kissing Cody Starr by S.J. Frost

June 6, 2014 Review 1

Review: Kissing Cody Starr by S.J. Frost

Known as Cody Starr to his fans, Christian is one of the most popular and desirable young actors in gay adult films. His sweet looks, sensual skills and charisma on camera have earned him fame. Now he wants out of the adult industry, but his fear of what could—or couldn’t—be waiting for him keeps holding him back.

Finn is an Army veteran who knows what it takes to protect people. When he meets Christian, something tells him the pretty young man needs protecting in more ways than physically.

Tension between Christian and Finn can only hold back their attraction to each other for so long before passion takes hold of them. For all the heat and emotion between Christian and Finn, the challenges of Christian’s fame may tear them apart.

Title: Kissing Cody Starr
Author: S.J. Frost
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Source: Publisher
Published: May 16, 2014
Genres: Male Male Romance
Pages: 184
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Stars: four-half-stars
Flames: four-half-flames

Oh what a sexy little sweet romance I have found that all must go out and read. Well read it if a hot porn star, sweet would be actor, and a hot alpha protector are your sort of thing to enjoyably read.

Cody and Christian is the same person yet they are certainly very different men. This is something it takes Finn more than one encounter to realize. It is also one of the many things I loved about Kissing Cody Starr. Christian adopted his Cody persona five years ago when he got into the adult film industry. Cody is cocky and flirty and very sure of himself. Cody knows exactly how hot he is. Christian on the other hand wants things in life that Cody will never have. It is that factor right there that will draw you to Christian. It’s not pity, it is most likely the same yearning for life that Christian has.

Older and definitely wiser Finn sees Cody for the hot mess that he is. Finn also sees how hot Cody is and simply can’t ignore the attraction that is there. Finn’s natural protector instincts has him turning into a white knight that Cody is in desperate need of. That one thoughtless decision has Finn waking up next to Christian. Finn likes the easy going Christian. Finn has some issues with what Cody does for a living but he believes that there is enough Christian to see past Cody.

The struggles that Cody’s career choice brought to the book worked well for me. While things could have easily been glossed over for the sex they weren’t. The manner in which it was worked past also pleased me. There were several ways that the issues could have been neatly tidied up for that perfect happily ever after, they weren’t. While completely fictional S.J. Frost made Christian and Finn and the world they live in very real.

Favorite quote, Finn to Christian: ” I like you too much to not try.”

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