Review: Knots by Chanse Lowell

October 30, 2013 Review 3

Review: Knots by Chanse Lowell

Jeanie's life has been turned upside down. She's lost her husband at an early age and with him, her way. An offer from a man she's avoided, a man that was her husband’s best friend, may be the only thing that can bring light back into her life. Mark isn't like most men. His dominant nature helps him see a different side of Jeanie: a submissive woman with a deep capacity to love and please a man. But having a relationship with him so soon after her husband’s death causes strife with her in-laws; the only family she knows. Can Mark set her free, or will she walk away, missing out on the chance for an all-encompassing love?


WARNING: BDSM themes, crude language, anal sex and Dom/sub arrangement involving consenting adults. Story meant for adult audience 18+ due to graphic love scenes and adult themes.

Title: Knots
Author: Chanse Lowell
Published by Mayhem Erotica Publishing
Source: Author
Published: October 14th 2013
Genres: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Pages: 311
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Stars: three-half-stars
Flames: four-flames

Jeanie, recent widow. Mark, her husband’s best friend. She’s lost and alone. He’s loved her from afar. As a Dom, Mark he sees a different side of Jeanie, a sweet submissive woman with a deep capacity to love. But with Pono’s recent death, is it too soon to begin a relationship? Will the only family she knows still accept her if she takes a chance on a new life and new love?

I do love a good D/s story and Knots is no exception. I thoroughly enjoyed that Jeanie and Mark’s story, while BDSM, also hit upon the personal aspect and emotions of building a relationship. I felt it was a good blend of raw emotions balanced with sexual heat. In case you’re wondering…the sex is hot! Ms Lowell definitely has a way of writing sex that will have you squirming in your seat like a good sub and begging for more. Nevertheless, don’t get me wrong, this isn’t just about sex. This is about two people coming together, building their lives, working issues out all heading to that almighty HEA ending. The interactions with the secondary characters were also well played out so they felt less like fillers and more as a contributing part to the book.

As much as I enjoyed Knots, I do have a couple of bones to pick. I REALLY liked Mark as a Dom and his interaction with Jeanie were very nicely written. HOWEVER, I found him to be a wee bit too emotional for my taste. Somehow, in my head, I don’t see a strong Dom, someone who is that successful, as being the weepy type. Obsessive enough to pursue a woman right after her husband (and his best friend) death, but not the weepy sort. Second, thing that I found distracting was Jeanie’s personal issues. I got that she has issues and is insecure, but I felt it was overkill to drag it through the whole book. Maybe that was the whole point of the story but frankly I found it a bit redundant at times.

Despite those two aforementioned issues, I found Knots to be a great book to read. I plan to check out other books by author Chanse Lowell and will be recommending this book to my friends.


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  1. bookswagger

    I was ready to read this but shyed away when I saw weepy… Prob still wish list it though. I am good with a guy being in touch with his feelings but there is a major diff between that and weepy