Review: La Brat (Totally 5 Star #2) by Ashe Barker

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Review: La Brat (Totally 5 Star #2) by Ashe Barker

Thou shalt not attack thy Dom—especially not with his own cane.
She’s committed the cardinal sin, broken the eleventh commandment for submissives. No wonder the Dom she adores wants nothing more to do with her.

Eugenie believes her luck has turned when she lands an interview for her dream job—Events Organizer at Totally Five Star’s flagship hotel in Paris. This is her chance to return to the city, which holds cherished memories for her, and pursue a career she loves. Most of all it’s a golden opportunity to leave behind the bitter taste of her disastrous break-up with Aaron, the one Dom who can make her melt with a look, a word, a lift of his finger.

Her dream crumbles when she comes face to face with her nemesis, now Director of Security at Totally Five Star Paris, the one man who can wreck her dreams with just a few words.
Aaron has never forgotten the lovely little submissive who broke all the rules. He can do without the hassle of such a high-maintenance sub, but his sexy new colleague proves hard to resist. It’s not long before he finds it hard to remember just what his objections were.

Determined not to dwell on the past, Eugenie throws herself into her wonderful new job. If she can only convince Aaron to give her another chance, her life will be perfect. A natural in her new role, against the glamorous backdrop of one of the world’s finest hotel chains, Eugenie is in her element arranging a high-profile celebrity wedding. But when things start to go wrong, Eugenie finds herself at the heart of a series of inexplicable accidents.
Aaron doesn’t believe in coincidences. Is someone else, apart from him, out to hurt his little Genie? And why? He is determined to protect Eugenie—and get to the bottom of who might want to harm her.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of anal play.

Title: La Brat
Author: Ashe Barker
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Series: Totally 5 Star #2
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Published by Totally Bound
Source: Author
Published: April 3rd 2015
Genres: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Pages: 206
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: four-flames

When I read the blurb and saw the part about ‘Thou shalt not attack thy Dom—especially not with his own cane’ I got to admit I giggled a bit. Oh yeah, bad form for a sub. Then I got down to the reading. Genie is quite the brat to Aaron, although I do get why. Of course Aaron wants none of that and breaks it off. Yikes! Flash forward a few years and La Brat is no longer. Genie is looking for a change and Paris is calling. Little does she know, her old Dom is going to be in the office right next to hers. Double YIKES!


On to the story. I think it’s sweet that instead of jumping straight they started over from the beginning as Friends/co-workers and got to know each other. It was easy to see how Genie and Aaron had a natural attraction to each other. And then ya know things do have to heat up and oh does it sizzle! There’s a nice progression that had me smiling all the way. Now, of course there’s more to La Brat than their re-budding D/s relationship. Genie starts a new job at TFS Paris and lands the wedding of the year. There’s a lot going as she is working on the plans. I hit a point where I was thinking ‘That’s odd’. As I kept reading I eventually hit my DUH moment. It certainly added a new exciting element that really ties everything together. As for the ending, naturally it has to be a happy one and that’s how it always should be when you lose yourself in a great story.


I really enjoy Ms. Barker’s books. They are usually filled with great characters, beautiful British country sides and hot erotic sex. La Brat has two of the three. The missing third piece is England but that’s okay because now we are in the city of romance. And let me say it now, I wanna go to Paris and I want to stay at TFS Paris! Okay, maybe it does only exist between these pages but it still was quite the thrill. If you want to know what I’m talking about, pick yourself up a copy of La Brat.


La Brat

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