Review The Last Wicked Scoundrel:Scoundrels of St. James #5 by Lorraine Heath

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Review The Last Wicked Scoundrel:Scoundrels of St. James #5 by Lorraine Heath

William Graves is the last of Feagan's scoundrels. A onetime grave robber turned royal physician, he has devoted his life to saving others—because he knows there is no way to save himself. Especially not around a lady like Winnie. Though undeserving of her touch, he cannot resist. His passion cannot be tamed…even in the face of certain danger.

Winnie, the Duchess of Avendale, never knew peace until her brutal husband died. With William she's discovered burning desire—and the healing power of love. But now, confronted by the past she thought she'd left behind, Winnie must face her fears…or risk losing the one man who can fulfill all her dreams.

Title: The Last Wicked Scoundrel
Author: Lorraine Heath
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Published by Avon
Source: Publisher
Published: 7 January, 2014
Genres: Historical Romace
Pages: 100
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Stars: four-stars
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A Victorian-era story, and the first from this author that I have read, The Last Wicked Scoundrel drew me in from the first pages, as I met William Graves, a former street child now a physician to the Queen.

The descriptions are lovely, and I was given just enough of a backstory on William to understand just why he felt himself unworthy of the esteem in which Winnie, the newly widowed Duchess of Avondale, has for him.

Winnie was, like many women of her station and time, abused: although her brutish husband was fond of fists and feet to deliver the blows to the body as his harsh words and attitude diminished her psyche.  Just passing the accepted period for mourning after his death in a fire at his estate, Winnie is now determined to use her name and influence to construct a hospital dedicated to Dr. Graves, the man who saved her life and is the subject of her innermost desires.

Several twists and turns are expected and provided, and William has several secrets he is hiding from Winnie about her husband’s death.  He finds himself attracted, but the societal constraints that keep him from declaring for her, also haunt as she appears willing to flout convention FOR him.

This was such a beautifully crafted story that allowed the two characters to tentatively step toward revealing all, and claiming their own happy ending.  While I had not read the earlier books in the series, I wasn’t lost for information, it will stand alone, but if this is indication, readers familiar with the earlier books in the series will be very pleased with this installment.  I’ve found a new author to read, I truly enjoyed the flow and feel of this story.  Winnie was delicate and tentative, but a core of strength and good intentions combined nicely with a touch of pragmatism that soothes William’s fears when his secrets are revealed.  For his part, William was both believable and attractive: self-made, upstanding yet willing to resort to what works to sort out issues, his protective nature combined with his desire to care for and heal all the ills he encounters gives him that edge of simmering bad boy that is always attractive.

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