Review: From Leather to Lace by Jasmine Hill

August 27, 2013 Review 1

Review: From Leather to Lace by Jasmine Hill

Sarah Maddox has a secret—she is a Dominatrix. Will her deception threaten her first chance at love?

Sarah Maddox is a beautiful, intelligent and sexy journalism graduate—she isalso Mistress Kitty the Dominatrix. Sarah loves her Dominatrix role at Fantasy—the exclusive Sydney BDSM club. Only her best friend knows what she really does each evening and her secret is safe until she meets the charming, handsome and successful Maxwell McIver who turns her world upside down. He has Sarah questioning her priorities and wondering—has she finally met the man for whom she would be willing to compromise?

Handsome Maxwell McIver at 35 is one of the richest men in the country. Sophisticated and powerful, Maxwell is accustomed to getting what he wants and after meeting Sarah at a party, he decides that he wants her. He has always avoided serious relationships but Sarah has captivated him and once their romance starts to heat up he decides that he doesn’t want to let her go. But like Sarah, Maxwell is also hiding something, a secret that will threaten their newfound relationship and have Sarah reeling with indecision and uncertainty.

Title: From Leather to Lace
Author: Jasmine Hill
Published by Total-e-Bound Publishing
Source: Publisher
Published: August 23, 2013
Genres: Romance
Pages: 101
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Stars: five-stars

Sarah is a big ball of contradictions. Demure, ladylike and very discriminate in her sex life – flip the coin over and you get Mistress Kitty the oh so sexy dominatrix. Sarah loves her job, the variety, and the safety of the club; Fantasy that she works at. Maxwell is successful, sure of himself and very sure of himself and Sarah together.

From the start this made for a very interesting story. Sarah and Maxwell complement each other very well. Obviously they have some trust issues and a lot of work to get their relationship off the ground. Not to mention the fact that Sarah is hiding the mother of all secrets.

This was a very cute, very sexy story. A lot less BDSM than I thought there was going to be, but that is actually a good thing. These two have such an original love story that I found myself up until all hours of the morning trying to finish the book. And woe be me when my reader decided to run out of juice then pages from the end.

Sarah is an amazing character. I completely understand Maxwell’s obsession with her. She is so complex and many sided (is that even a term?). She manages to be the all-out dominatrix at work. Decked in killer heels, see through shirts and tantalizing corsets she manages to transform into a demure, shy extremely feminine girl with not a dominant bone in her body.  She was easy to like and I would love to have had more to read about her and Maxwell’s story.

Reviewed by Angelique

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