Review: Life of Privilege by Amanda Bretz

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Review: Life of Privilege by Amanda Bretz

Living the life of a celebrity isn’t always as perfect as it seems.

Katherine Dawson was born into a life of privilege as the heiress to an apparel dynasty. Between judging a reality TV competition for budding fashion designers and having been the face of her family’s clothing line for most of her life, she’s one of the biggest celebrities in her field.

When she becomes engaged to up-and-coming television producer Nathan Taylor, she appears to have it all. To any outsider, she has a picture-perfect life, so when Katherine leaves her groom-to-be at the altar and disappears, the tabloids are full of speculation over her sudden departure.

Fleeing New York to hide out in Seattle, she quickly finds that living the life of an heiress in hiding isn’t as easy as she thought, especially after she meets a magnetic writer named Royce Reynolds. In her new life on the West Coast, she struggles to keep her anonymity, and experiences a relationship with a man who wants her for the person she is, not the celebrity she used to be.

Title: Life of Privilege
Author: Amanda Bretz
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Published by Totally Bound
Source: Publisher
Published: April 10, 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 165
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-flames
Bailey Bradford

This is the story about the “poor little rich girl.”  Well, that is what she called herself.  Actually, as I read this, other the obscene amount of money and the outrageous notoriety, I could identify with Katherine/Katie.  I have an acquaintance with someone much like her mother in many ways.  I could see this happening and totally got why she felt the need to remove herself entirely from the situation.

Then to choose Seattle as her escape, *sigh* what better place to go to heal?  I completely get that one too.  I may have mentioned before that Seattle is just about my favorite place in the world.  It was one of the big reasons I chose this book to read.  It did not disappoint.  Katie visited my favorite market, Pike Place, and talked about some of the fun vendors there as well as the famous pig out front.  It was great.

Of course she had an amazing tour guide, Nathan Taylor.  He too was a transplant from back east, but he has been there for five years.  He took her to a couple of the parks, sometimes just to hang and sometimes to hike.  He took her to other places like the museum and the library.  Let’s not forget the amazing coffee!  Not only did I get a wonderful tour of my favorite city, but I got to see a budding romance develop.

Well of course!  This is a romance after all. *grin* Katie and Nathan were sweet together.  Nathan realized early on that Katie was someone special.  Someone he wanted to know.  So he took his time and got to know her.  Although they did make it to bed, is wasn’t right away.  They actually went on a few dates first.  I liked the development of this romance.  Then when it heated up, they were hot together.

What is a romance without conflict and with Katie being the “poor little rich girl” you might guess what some of the conflict was.  I got a little upset with these two when various truths started coming out about each of them.  Because of their pasts, they each jumped to erroneous conclusions.  *shakes head* How terribly frustrating.   That communication thing again.   But really, I could understand all that too.

I thought the author did a good job of creating these characters, giving them some interesting issues, and then having them fall in love.  Very nicely done.  The story was nicely paced and held my interest.  Truth be told, it rather engaged me completely.

I was a tad disappointed with the ending.  It was one of those rather abrupt endings.  No cliff hanger or anything.  A definite hfn, maybe even a hea. Reasonably satisfying.  But, Katie all of a sudden declaring herself cured and able to handle everything, that didn’t ring true to me.  Although, Nathan would be there to help her, it still rang as too easy to me.  But this, after all, is fiction.

This was very much a contemporary romance with just enough sex to add some spice, not to mention a wonderful visit to the most beautiful city in the country.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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