Review: Lights, Camera, Cupid (Bluewater Bay #6) by S.E. Jakes, Amy Lane, Z.A. Maxfield, Anne Tenino, L.A. Witt

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Review:  Lights, Camera, Cupid (Bluewater Bay #6) by S.E. Jakes, Amy Lane, Z.A. Maxfield, Anne Tenino, L.A. Witt

Cupid is visiting Bluewater Bay, and he’s leaving chaos in his wake.

Nothing’s been the same in this sleepy little logging town since Hollywood came to shoot the hit TV show Wolf’s Landing—especially Valentine’s Day.

In L.A. Witt’s Just Another Day, beloved actors Levi Pritchard and Carter Samuels have an announcement for their fans, while in Z.A. Maxfield’s I’ll Be There, actor Spencer Kepler and his boyfriend Nash Holly brave a blizzard and a fan convention to spend their first February the 14th together.

Of course, it’s not just TV stars celebrating the day. In Anne Tenino’sHelping Hand, an aspiring artist eager to escape Bluewater Bay decides he just might have a reason to stay: lust-inspiring logger Gabriel Savage. In S.E. Jakes’s No Easy Way, a local teacher reconnects with an old lover working security on the film set. And in Amy Lane’s Nascha, a Bluewater Bay elder recalls how his own unconventional family used to celebrate the holiday.

Real life may be nothing like TV, but when Cupid comes to town, there’s plenty of romance and drama to go around.

Title: Lights, Camera, Cupid
Author: Amy Lane, Anne Tenino, L.A. Witt, S. E. Jakes, Z.A. Maxfield
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Series: Bluewater Bay #6
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Published by Riptide Publishing
Source: Publisher
Published: February 9, 2015
Genres: Male Male Romance
Pages: 226
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: three-flames

This was a surprise.  Not exactly what I was expecting as part of the Bluewater Bay series.  Yes, I expected romance.  It is, after all, an anthology featuring Valentine’s Day.  But, so far Bluewater Bay series has tended toward the more lighthearted side of the scale.  Some conflict, but sweet.  Not all the stories in this Valentine’s Day collection was as sweet.  Don’t get me wrong – they were just as good, but well, not quite as lighthearted.

JUST ANOTHER DAY by L.A. Witt starts off this collection.  It features Levi and Carter who we met in book one – Starstruck.  It’s their first Valentine’s Day as a couple.  One of them wants to ignore it because of all the commercialism, but the other likes the added romance of the day.  The way this was resolved was just so classic!  Loved it.  Yes, Link and Zelda were there too.

In NASCHA by Amy Lane we are introduced to a senior citizen reminiscing about past Valentine’s Days.  This one made me cry.  Not just a few tears leaking out, but the ugly cry.  Sobs and read eyes.  The pathos and poignancy of this story, it totally grabbed at my heart.  It also introduced Nascha’s great grandnephew, Cal. It looks like Cal will have his own story later in the year.  I will look forward to reading that.

NO EASY WAY by SE Jakes gives us the reunion of two Bluewater Bay residents.  Cary was only 16 when Dylan left town and joined the military, but Dylan took Cary’s heart with him.  Their coming together again was not exactly a joyous occasion.  There was anger and betrayal, not to mention a friend with benefits, to deal with before they could have their happy Valentine’s Day.

HELPING HAND by Anne Tenino dealt with what I have heard can be the hardest day in a gay man’s life – telling the family that you are gay.  Lucas Wilder feared he would lose everything, but instead found a family legacy.   This too, touched my heart.  Beautifully done.  I also see at least one potential new story in the Bluewater Bay series, maybe more.  I hope.

Last, but not least, I’LL BE THERE by Z. A. Maxfield.  This one featured Nash and Spencer from Book 3 – Hell on Wheels.  How I love these two.  So very devoted to each other.  Who but Nash would brave white-out blizzard conditions to get to his lover?  This one was a bit more lighthearted, if harrowing.  I quote my review of Hell on Wheels: “The ups and downs of this romance is like riding a roller coaster. I sighed. I giggled. I gasped. I yelled – “NOOOOOOO!” I cried. I laughed. I sighed some more. The ending really couldn’t have been more perfect.”

Frankly, that quote may work for the entire anthology.  I loved every one of these stories.  Being a fan, I hope I am not wrong in seeing the potential for more Bluewater Bay stories.

As it turns out, this anthology is a wonderful Valentine’s Day collection.  It reminds us that it’s not all just hearts and flowers.  Sometimes it is just being there with a hug or a pat on the shoulder.  A very touching collection by some amazing story tellers.

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