Review: Locked in Stone (Hearts of Stone) by Tory Michaels

February 24, 2015 Review 0

Review: Locked in Stone (Hearts of Stone) by Tory Michaels

Her enemy is her only hope...

Rose Johnson's adoptive mother was murdered, and Rose is next. She may be the last gargoyle in the world—the last being who stands between this world and the evils of Otherworld. In order to keep her existence a continued secret, Rose needs to find the stone that holds her adoptive mother's soul. Which means enlisting the help of her enemies the Sentinels...

Sentinel Cal Levesque never forgave himself for failing Rose's family years ago. Seeing Rose alive is shock enough, until the stunningly beautiful gargoyle attacks him upon sight. As they strike an uneasy peace—and unexpected and escalating attraction—Cal knows he'll have to tell Rose who really betrayed her family. And with Rose's life in greater danger than ever, Cal has a chance to make up for the long he doesn't fall in love.

Title: Locked in Stone
Author: Tori Michaels
Published by Entangled Publishing
Source: Publisher
Published: February 23rd 2015
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 200
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Stars: three-half-stars
Flames: one-flame

If you pick this up, be prepared. It might take you a few Chapters to get into this one. At least that’s how long it took me to even feel as though I was grasping enough of the story to continue.

Entering this paranormal world was a challenge for me…mainly because I’ve read other stories about Gargoyles and had my own “opinions” on what to expect. And then throw in the powers of the Sentinels and I was a goner. Well, don’t make my mistake. Go into this with a complete open mind, expecting nothing. Now that I’ve admitted my mistake (one that I won’t hold against the Author), lets get down to the nitty gritty, shall we?

Rose is a very headstrong gargoyle with a chip on her shoulder. Mainly placed there by the words and actions of her “adopted” mother, Gwen. With Gwen dead, Rose is thrust into trusting the people she’s been told to avoid for over 24 years. Turns out that the one Sentinel that was supposed to protect her family 24 years ago is also the one she first runs in to….and falls for.

Cal is a Sentinel that is sworn to protect the Gargoyles at all costs. After failing to protect a Queen Gargoyle 24 years ago, he runs smack into the Queen’s offspring, Rose. Apparently Sentinel’s have powers, individualized to each one. Cal’s happens to be communicating and saving ghosts/souls.

Rose and Cal find themselves fighting vampires and ghosts in order to obtain a soul stone that contains the soul of Gwen. They need that stone in order to ask Gwen some unanswered questions. Along the way, Rose and Cal realize that they are attracted to each other, but Cal doesn’t want to act on his feelings in fear of messing up the mission.

I spent most of the story anticipating their chemistry to actually manifest. Unfortunately, not only did it fall a little flat for me, but now I’m left with a cliffhanger to boot.

Would I recommend this one? I’ll always recommend a paranormal. But I’ll warn that it’s low on the romance side.




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