Review: London (Fallen #7) by Tiffany Aaron

April 25, 2014 Review 0

Review: London (Fallen #7) by Tiffany Aaron

Having lost her once, Mika’il doesn’t plan on letting this particular angel get away again.

Mika’il is the most powerful angel in heaven. As an archangel, he has been in charge of the Enforcers who try to keep the fallen in line. But he has a secret that he’s been keeping for hundreds of years. He once fell in love with a woman then lost her. He’s never forgotten Bridget and what she meant to him.

Bridget Langston is a painter and her otherworldly canvases of angels have placed her at the top of the art world. But she’s worried she’s going crazy because she has visions of a man she’s sure she’s never met.

When these two meet, history will repeat itself and Mika’il can complete the task God has given him. But he will also have a choice to make—give up his position in heaven or lose Bridget once and for all. It’s the easiest choice Mika’il has ever made.

Title: London
Author: Tiffany Aaron
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Series: Fallen #7
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: Detroit , New Orleans, Chicago, Los Angeles
Published by Totally Bound
Source: Publisher
Published: April 25th 2014
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 103
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Stars: three-half-stars
Flames: three-flames

As an Archangel, Mika’il was tasked to watch over Enforces. Only one thing has been missing from his life…the woman he fell in love with long ago. Bridget, a brilliant painter of the otherworldly, has visions of a man she has never met. Her visions have her going crazy. When they finally get together Mika’il knows he doesn’t want to lose her again. Will he give up his position in heaven and the task God has given him or having his own slice of heaven with Bridget.

Of the characters in the series, Mika’il has been the one that has intrigued me the most. So aloof yet sensitive, if anyone deserves a HEA, it’s him. I’m over the moon that he finally got his own story. Bridget is a odd character. At first I thought she was just a homeless wacko but as her story is revealed it became clearer and still confusing. I’m still not quite sure if I like her with Mika’il because I found her more interesting when she was off-balanced. Of course they get together and eventually have sex but on a personal note…he’s an angel, and not a fallen one. Sooo, should he be allowed to have sex with a mortal? Yes these are my crazy thoughts sometimes.

So many characters in this book. We get to revisit most of the characters from the previous titles. Kind of like a class reunion. There’s a new player, Russell, and he certainly didn’t turn out to be what I thought he was. But that’s ok, because I liked him. I bring up the secondary characters because there is a surprise reveal that I really didn’t expect. Author Tiffany Aaron definitely caught me off guard on it and I applaud her for it. I truly believed this would be the last book series but after that unexpected bombshell (and no I will NOT say what it is) I have hopes there may be one more book. Hopefully, possibly Daystar will get his own book. Fingers crossed!

As a series about fallen angels, I do think this series is unique. I missed reading the first two books in the series but since I feel each book works very well as a stand-alone, I don’t feel I have missed anything. However, there is one doozy of a discloser I previously mentioned that does suggest you should real all other titles before reading this 7th entry in the Fallen series. As for reading London, I consider this book recommended reading.


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