Review: Love Me if You Dare (Coral Cove #2) by Toni Blake

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Review: Love Me if You Dare (Coral Cove #2) by Toni Blake

When the question is love, the answer is always yes...

Camille Thompson is the best at what she does—closing deals. That's why real estate developer Vanderhook has sent her to Coral Cove, Florida, where the stubborn owner of the Happy Crab Motel is refusing to sell. Camille's never had a problem turning a "no" into a "yes," but then she's never been so captivated by a man's sexy smile before.

Laidback Reece Donovan likes life simple. No amount of money—or any other temptation Camille can offer—will convince him to give up the one link to his past. Of course, it would be easier without the powerful chemistry raging between them.

As a fragile romance begins to grow, can Reece trust Camille with his secrets? And when promises are broken, along with hearts, can the charm of Coral Cove help bring them back together?

Title: Love Me if You Dare by Toni Blake
Author: Toni Blake
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Series: Coral Cove #2
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Published by Avon
Source: Publisher
Published: Dec 30 2014
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 384
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-flames

Camille “Cami” Thompson is trying to close a deal for her company. They have sent her to a tiny motel along the coast of Coral Cove Florida to convince the owner to sell so they can build a large resort. When she arrives she meets the owner, Reece Donovan, who is adamant about not selling and won’t change his mind. As the attraction between the two grow they have to decide if they can keep their business and personal lives separate or if they are just heading for disaster.

I enjoyed watching Cami and Reece circle each other before they decided they wanted to change the nature of their relationship. They don’t dislike one another, they are just leery of the other person and their motives. With Reece, he is clearly unsure if he can trust her since she is trying to convince him to sell his motel. But Cami has learned to keep her feelings out of her job and has hardened herself to just ‘do the job’ since she feels it’s all she has.

As they both open up they are able to shed some of the fears and ideals they have and just come together as two people that care for one another. What starts as a no strings arrangement quickly escalates and they both have some serious decisions to make.

While I did figure out the plot twist pretty early on, I still really enjoyed this story. The flow of the plot was a good pace that kept me interested in the story. The imagery of the town, characters and scenery was fabulous and made me forget about the foot of snow outside my house and imagine myself on the beach with Cami and Reece in Florida.

This was a great addition to the Coral Cove series. This is the second book in the series but they can be read out of order. Many of the characters from the previous book make appearances but that not in a way that would confuse the reader. Many of the secondary characters add to the charm and feeling of the series making it very entertaining to read. I am excited to see which Coral Cove resident is next in this series.



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