Review: Love, In the Fast Lane (Carolina Bad Boys #2) by Rie Warren

December 11, 2014 Review 1

Review: Love, In the Fast Lane (Carolina Bad Boys #2) by Rie Warren

Rie Warren gives readers a bad boy bachelor and a tattooed vixen in this hot new release from her steamy southern series.

New York Times bestselling paranormal author, Nicky—Nick—Love is anything but successful in love. For years he’s lost himself in his writing career, but now he’s ready to get back to his rebel-boy roots. While restoring a motorcycle at Stone’s Auto Service, he meets the Wildcat of his dreams. She’s a shock to the system for the romance writer who doesn’t remember a damn thing about wooing a woman.

Cool-as-ice, Catarina “Wildcat” Steele is utterly untouchable until Nicky ignites a spark she can’t control. Their electric attraction explodes as Nicky pursues her, but he comes bearing the baggage of a family tragedy he’s hidden from everyone. He knows love has no guarantees.

Their passionate romance falls apart when Nicky discovers Cat’s secret rivals his own. The truth about her past reopens Nicky’s raw wounds and awakens a ghost he never laid to rest. He doesn’t know how to have Cat, and now he can’t trust her. Will they be torn apart . . . or tamed by love?

Title: Love, In the Fast Lane
Author: Rie Warren
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Series: Carolina Bad Boys
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Published by Self
Source: Author
Published: December 11th 2014
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 279
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: three-flames

I read the first book in the Carolina Bad Boys series and really enjoyed it. So when the second came out I said heck yeah I wanted to read it. I was ready. I knew what to expect. No cheesy but great fun. And what I got blew me away. How in the world author Rie Warren did it I don’t know but…

Love, In the Fast Line was freaking awesome!!!!

Nicky was not what I expected. From the first book I was expecting him to be more bookish, prim, almost dowdy. Holy hawtness Batman! He is certainly not any of those. He’s more like a Haagen Daaz bar – so yummy, so delish, you just want to enjoy every mouth watering bite. As for Cat – biker, tats, ‘tude, yep she’s hot, too, and more woman than Nicky can handle. The sex between them is combustible! But it’s not all hot roles in-between the sheets. Oh no, these to have deep buried secrets they’ve been holding on close to. Very close. As secrets are revealed and hearts are put on the line I found my self wavering between tears of sorrow and tears of laughter.

Characters. That is what can make or break a story. The cast of characters in this series are absolutely some of my favorite. Raw, gritty, no holds bar, lots of snappy dialog but always with a close family feeling. You just KNOW they are friends. From the crazy HENS, to the Widows, even gay ex-mob Frankie, I never felt any of them were fake or to forced. I swear, if there where twenty books in this series, I would devour each and every book just to enjoy these characters.

This is certainly not my first book by author Rie Warren, and it won’t be my last. Her books grab me in and keep me hooked from cover to cover. If you are reading her works than you are gonna LOVE Love, In the Fast Line. If you’re not, you really should. I’m running out now to tell all my friends then need to read this book. And you should to. Go. Now. Get Love, In the Fast Line!


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