Review: Love Me Tomorrow by Ethan Day

April 22, 2015 Review 0

Review: Love Me Tomorrow by Ethan Day

Event planner Levi Goode is positioned to inherit the newly vacated throne, becoming the in-demand party planner for Wilde City’s elite. Years of hard work and perseverance are finally paying off as Levi lands his next big fish, working with socialite Julia Freeman-Kingsley. Distracted by work and dealing with his head strong mother, an ex-Vegas-showgirl suffering from debilitating health issues, Levi has his hands full. Time for love or even the occasional one-night stand, is one aspect of life Levi hasn’t been able to master.

Sparks of interest fly during a chance meeting with a paramedic called to the aid of his mother, and thanks to Ruby’s meddling, Levi finds himself on a movie-date with the handsome Paramedic Jake. Personal and professional worlds collide when Levi realizes his new love interest is actually Jake Freeman, estranged brother to his brand new client. Discovering the man of his dreams already has a boyfriend, leaves Levi stunned realizing any hopes he had for something more with Jake were never going to be anything more than wishful thinking.

Struggling to downshift his expectations and remain friends with Jake while continuing to work closely with Julia quickly consumes all of his time and attention. Wondering if there will ever be a special someone to love him, is where Levi’s love story begins.

Title: Love Me Tomorrow
Author: Ethan Day
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Published by Wilde City Press
Source: Publisher
Published: March 11th 2015
Genres: Male Male Romance
Pages: 240 pages
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: one-half-flames
Levi Goode is the newest premier party planner for the elite. Because of an unusual circumstance and well-timed party, his phones are sure to be ringing off the hook!  All of his hard work it finally set to pay off!  Despite his business success, Levi is lonely.  He works so much he only has a handful of friends and even fewer love interests. He seems like such a genuine guy, it was rather heart-breaking to see his personal life floundering. This beginning of the book felt like we were moving very slow.  We got a lot of detail but it was almost too much.  A lot of that wasn’t necessary to keep the story going.  I thought it would pick up when Levi meets Jake, a paramedic sent on a call to his ailing mom’s residence, but it really doesn’t.  At least for not for awhile.
Once the pace picked up, I was much more interested!  The chemistry between Levi and Jake was solid and I truly felt for both of the them.  Jake was already in a committed relationship of 9 years with Victor.  He was truly struggling to deal with his feelings for Levi.  They tried being friends but there was no way Levi could do that and if Jake was honest, he couldn’t either. It was really hard to see both of them struggle so mightily. It was a very complicated situation for each of them. I liked that even though Jake’s relationship with Victor had been on life support, he never gave in and cheated on him. Physically anyway, but emotionally, well yes. I was ok with that though, because I saw how he was really trying to come to grips with his feelings for Levi. Victor wasn’t a douche bag to Jake so that just increased his frustrations. Ultimately, he could no longer stay with Victor.  They were heading down different paths in life and staying wasn’t fair to either of them.
I really enjoyed the humor in the book and the secondary characters were great!  Angelo and Valerie were hilarious! Julia, Jake’s twin sister was very insightful, but the one that took the cake was Levi’s mom, Ruby!  What a hoot!  Former Las Vegas showgirl with a very promiscuous past, she is such a breath of fresh air!  You never knew what she was going to say next!

I loved Levi and Jake as a couple! Their connection sizzled. After reading all this build up, I was so bummed to not read about their sexual encounters!  I knew it would be fiery, frenzied, and just bursting at the seams! Their epic and wild sex was implied, but I really wanted to read about it firsthand and share in their joy of discovering one another!  As the reader I felt gypped!  Other than that, this was a wonderful book to read about finding your one true love.  Journeys such as these aren’t always easy and you have to work for your happiness. In the end, it is worth the struggle.

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