Review: To Love and Obey (Boundaries #3) by Katy Swann

March 13, 2014 Review 0

Review: To Love and Obey (Boundaries #3) by Katy Swann

This is book three in the Boundaries serial.

First she submitted, then she learnt to trust, but can Rachel finally promise to obey?

Despite her resolution never to love or trust anyone again, Rachel Porter has fallen for her sexy boss, Adam Stone — big time. His powerful and strict dominance is bringing out every submissive instinct she has, at least in the bedroom. Her body aches to please him and begs for punishment, and he doesn’t disappoint.

But, Adam makes it clear that he expects more from Rachel than she’s prepared to give. As the subject of a Total Power Exchange becomes more insistent, Rachel braces herself for a showdown with the man who has the power to reduce her to a pile of rubble in seconds. Should she stand her ground and fight against the TPE, or should she give up her freedom in order to keep him?

It turns out though that not everything is quite as it seems and, as their relationship takes a new turn, she finds herself thinking more and more about the collar Adam wants to place around her neck. Maybe wearing his collar wouldn’t be so bad after all. Would it?

Reader Advisory: This book is best read in sequence as part of this serial.

Title: To Love and Obey
Author: Katy Swann
Other books by this author that we've reviewed: To Love and Submit , To Love and Trust, The Ultimatum, Over the Knee Anthology
Series: Boundaries #3
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: To Love and Submit , To Love and Trust, Out of Bounds, Against the Rules
Published by Totally Bound
Source: Author
Published: February 20, 2014,
Genres: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Pages: 201
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: four-flames

To Love and Obey, the final entry in the Boundaries series. It feels like everything has been a build up to this final book. I’m sad to see it end because I really had a good time reading it. Adam and Rachel are great characters. Rachel is sassy, playful and funny, and Adam…still a sexy beast. So much has gone on between them, such an exciting future ahead if she only can get over some of her previous issues. Adam is a very patient man! There’s a few exciting twists that had me bouncing in my chair. Obviously there are quite a few sexy scene some that include my favorite secondary characters. (Oops! Sorry I let that slip). And since I mentioned the secondaries… Oh boy, I didn’t think the antagonist in this story could get any worse. Yikes! I was wrong. Not going into details but I will say it’s quite the nail biter. Needless to say, everything works out in the end. and not only are we bless with one HEA but we get a bonus as well.

I knew when I started reading this series that Katy Swann was going to be a good writer. She really has a way of telling a great story with great characters. Now while all titles can be read as stand-alones, I can safely say after finishing the complete series, to read them all together is a must. Kudos to Ms. Swan on a great series.To Love and Obey

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