Review : Love Shack (Tiny Houses, Big Hearts #1) by Roxy Mews

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Review : Love Shack (Tiny Houses, Big Hearts #1) by Roxy Mews

Living tiny doesn't leave many places to hide.
Tiny Houses, Big Hearts, Book 1

Felicity Newhouse left a life of excess for a tiny house-and she's never felt richer. She'd like to give back to the artisanal community who gave her wounded spirit a place to land, but she wants to do it on her own terms. Except she's been turned down for a loan four times. And the fifth bank on her list isn't looking too promising, either.

The woman sitting across Brandon Halston's desk must be out of her mind. Who'd want to live in a house the size of his walk-in closet, much less create an entire community of them? He's drawn to her soft beauty and her ideals, but business is business. When her story hits the news, Brandon's boss solves the PR nightmare by ordering him to spend a month in her house-while cameras roll.

The heat between them boils over like the water for their morning coffee. But when one person is hiding who they really are, passion may not be enough to clean up the dirt someone is digging up behind the scenes.

Warning: This book contains copious amounts of coffee and sex in confined spaces. If the tiny house is rockin' don't come a-knockin'

Title: Love Shack
Author: Roxy Mews
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Series: ,
Published by Samhain Publishing
Source: Publisher
Published: 06/12/2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Contemporary Romance
Pages: 218
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Stars: four-stars
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In the last couple of years, we saw some new way of living emerging going mainstream.  That is the case with Tiny houses or if you prefer  living tiny.  Some people are choosing to live free of mortgage and to leave  most of their material possessions behind to embrace a whole new way of living.  That’s what Love Shack  is all about.  I have watched several episodes of Tiny Houses on HGTV and when I see what can be done with so little space I think that is  wonderful.  It was a no-brainer for me to read this book when it became available to be reviewed.  I was very excited to read it and I was not disappointed.

Felicity Newman is looking for a loan to finance her project to build a tiny houses park, but she has a hard time being able to get one.  One day, she has a brilliant idea to go to the medias and let everyone knows about her struggle and educate people of the numerous advantages of living tiny.  She immediately found an ally in Deborah, an investigative reporter that is passionate about tiny living as well and that’s when the fun begins.  Bradley, a bank employee that refused a loan to Felicity, has to give a live interview and do damage control. That’s when Deborah has a brilliant idea : Having Felicity and Brandon living together in Felicity’s tiny house for 30 days and having a weekly recap with them.  Picture this, two strangers with different values having to live together for 30 days, we are in for some great fights and some fun as well.

Roxy Mews is a talented writer.  I really like how she is able to take us in this adventure .  The pace is good and I just like her writing style.  When it is coming to the storyline, it is a mixed bag.  The story is predictable, that I don’t mind since I enjoy the journey more than the actual ending of the story.  What had me a little surprise was the sudden turn of events in the story.  It began as a great story focusing on tiny living  and the values surrounding it. Then out of nowhere boom!: we are going straight into erotica.  It is becoming steamy and hot!  I like it when it is steamy, I just did not expect it to change so suddenly.  I was feeling as If the author did a complete 360 and we were  in another book but with the same characters.  Once the initial shock passed I enjoyed the rest of the story, but I must admit I would have preferred a more gentle build up toward erotica.

Characters are well built. Felicity will not compromise  her values and that is making her a character that knows where she is going and authentic.  I like her, she is determined and has that sensibility that makes her likable.  She is not afraid to take action to  reach her goals.  Brandon, on the other hand, is a typical materialistic banker.  He is not really likable when the story begins but I really love the character evolution.  Once we get to know him, we can just love him! I need to mention Deborah, the reporter, I really love a strong character in a story and she has it all.  She is the typical investigative reporter that is digging to find all the information needed to make a good story.  She is a kind soul and she blew me away!

If you are curious about tiny living and don’t mind so steamy scenes, I definitely recommend this book.


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