Review: Lovers of Her Dreams by Julia Talbot

March 7, 2014 Review 0

Review: Lovers of Her Dreams by Julia Talbot

Savannah doesn’t want to believe in magic, even when she knows it exists. So even though she keeps having incredibly sexy dreams about two beautiful men, she tries to ignore them. At least until she wakes up one morning with a new tattoo and no way to account for it. She turns to her hot neighbor Tim for help, since he knows a tattoo artist who might be able to explain. Tim and Ryder are more than buddies, though. They’re the lovers who have been invading Savannah’s dreams.

Werewolf Ryder and dream walker Tim have wanted Savannah since she moved in next door. They desire her enough that Tim can’t stay out of her dreams, and Ryder is marking her in their sleep. With their lust out of control, they need to find a way to help bring out Savannah’s magical side, and draw her into their loving circle without driving her away.

Title: Lovers of her Dreams
Author: Julia Talbot
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Source: Publisher
Published: 5 February, 2014
Genres: Erotic Paranormal Romance, M/M Erotica, Menage
Pages: 97
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: four-flames

Such a hot and fun story, lighter on the sweeter romance and a total shagalicious festival that twists a rather fun premise on its ear!

Savannah (Savvy for short – which actually is kind of off-putting and my least favorite part of the story) is a repressed cat shifter living across the street from one very hot vet.  Tim is the vet for Savannah’s little dog, and he also has a few talents of his own.  Tim is a dream-walker, able to transfer time, place and even physical contact through his journeys.  And one of Tim’s larger secrets is his wolf-shifter lover Ryder.

So, we have Tim: tall and blonde and human; Savannah, a curvy red-gold cat shifter, and the golden-brown stocky wolf that is Ryder.  And these three get into every permutation and combination that is possible with sexy, detailed and hot scenes as they come to learn one another’s habits, fears and even deal with Savannah’s repression of her shifter side.

While not exactly ending with a happily ever after, the story has enough characterization to not be just a simple MFM triangle, the conversations are funny, the interactions between Tim and Ryder are cleverly engaging and the steam from the pairings is off the charts.

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