Review: When Lust Rules by Virginia Cavanaugh

September 25, 2013 Review 3

Review: When Lust Rules by Virginia Cavanaugh

Lusty dreams of a tall, muscular man with long dark hair have filled Julie’s mind for the last few months, leaving her wanting alone in her bed. It would be one thing if he was only a figment of her imagination, but he is flesh and blood and even asked for her phone number. But has he called? Hell no.
So when he shows up out of the blue at her job, she really wants to push him away. But there’s something primal and erotic about this man that calls to her.
Luken is reluctant to get involved with a human female, but for some reason he can’t get Julie out of his head. He has enough on his plate with running his new pack, but the little blonde seductress presents a temptation he can’t resist.
But when Julie’s past catches up to her, Luken is prepared to offer his protection, along with his bite, making her one of his own.

Title: When Lust Rules
Author: Virginia Cavanaugh
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Published by Ellora's Cave
Source: Author
Published: September 20, 2013
Genres: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Pages: 135
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Stars: four-half-stars

Julie is just trying to get and after a disastrous marriage when she meets a gorgeous man, Luken.  After giving him her number she is surprised when he never contacts her and writes him off as uninterested.  Little does she know that Luken is a werewolf and has put off calling her because human and werewolf relationships rarely work out.  But as time passes they are pulled together and can’t fight the attraction that grows between them.  And when outside forces cause Julie to rely on Luken for protection, things just keep getting hotter.

Luken and Julie are so hot together!  The sexual tension and attraction between them is combustible.  But this isn’t just about sex with them.  Julie and Luken are drawn to each other out of more than just desire.  They have genuine love and respect for each other.  I loved them as a couple.  When Julie needs support Luken is the first one there, willing to help her in any way.  He doesn’t smother her but lets her know he will be there for her if she needs it.

I am a huge fan of shape shifter books and I enjoy seeing all the different worlds that are created by authors and this one was just as entertaining.  Cavanaugh did a good job of sharing her world of shifters without making the reader feel as if we were reading a text or leaving things out to confuse us.  I liked how we learned a lot of things throughout the book like Julie does.  It made it more interesting to learn with her instead of just being overloaded with facts from the beginning.

My main complaint with the story is the almost cliffhanger.  We get a full story about Luken and Julie but the packs are left in turmoil and many things will change in the future.  There were so many characters that wee mentioned that I am hoping will get a story as we see how their world will change but I wish we weren’t left so up in the air as to the fates of certain characters and the packs in general.  I feel like there are so many story lines open after this book and I can’t wait to see what Cavanaugh has planned.

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