Review: Lust Unleashed (Night Seekers #1) by Desiree Holt

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Review: Lust Unleashed (Night Seekers #1) by Desiree Holt

Jonah Grey, driven by a lust for the blood of the legendary Chupacabra that murdered the woman who was to be his mate, jumps at the offer to leave the FBI and join Night Seekers, who are dedicated to hunting and killing the devil beast.Then Jonah encounters a woman with whom he shares explosive chemistry that neither can deny-and sex that brings a level of pleasure neither has ever known. Soon he's dividing his time and indulging in erotic bouts of orgasmic lust with Dakota.But the devil beast must still be dealt with, and the wolf in Jonah won't rest until the Chupacabra is dead.

Title: Lust Unleashed
Author: Desiree Holt
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Series: Night Seekers
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: Branded by Lust, Savage Lust
Source: Author
Published: November 12, 2016
Genres: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Pages: 261
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Stars: three-stars
Flames: four-flames
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Several months ago billionaire Craig Stafford’s wife and daughter were taken from him. Their lives were ended too soon by the vicious violence of El Chupacabra. Craig wants vengeance. He has sought out people and paranormal beings that like him have lost someone to a creature so elusive it is believed to be a myth. The team he puts together consists of former members of various law enforcement agencies. He and his vast fortune along with the skill the former LEO’s bring in will give the Night Seeker team the means to finally get the closure they need.

I loved the premise behind this series. I’m looking forward to continuing reading more of this team of people who are after the Chup. I enjoyed the concept of bringing the team together for this purpose. Considering what was revealed in the epilogue I’m very curious where Ms Holt will take the Night Seekers.

Jonah is the first team member sent into the field on a case where the Chup is actively hunting and killing. The small town is assuming that there is a feral animal behind the mysterious killings. Jonah knows there is more to it than just that. He has lost someone very close to him in the same style of violent killing. Jonah isn’t on the job for long before he notices a distraction, Dakota. She stirs feelings in him that he thought died the night the Chupacabra took his fiancée.

Dakota being ostracized by the entire county made absolutely no sense to me. She is a loner living in a cabin away from everyone. She is disliked because of her mixed heritage. I felt that this label was simple placed on her. Nothing occurs in the book that makes it any more than a label. She even stayed in this place where she had no one. Nothing was keeping her there.

I was also turned off by the repeated use of a certain c-word in reference to a specific part of a woman’s anatomy. I know this is erotic romance. I know there will be explicit language and details galore. I just loathe that specific word. I have seen it used too many times as a derogatory reference. It is difficult to imagine it in a sexy manner. The erotic element is high and Jonah and Dakota have a scorching hot romance.

I will move on with this series. I loved the Chupacaba myth. I also enjoyed the history of the King of All Creation that Jonah explained to Dakota. Stafford putting a team of victims together as he did to hunt the Chup is an interesting concept that has a ton of potential. The fact that the various members of the Night Seekers team come from various factions of law enforcement is a nice added bonus.

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