Review: Madly (New York #2) by Ruthie Knox

March 21, 2017 Review 0

Review: Madly (New York #2) by Ruthie Knox

Allie Fredericks isn’t supposed to be in Manhattan, hiding in the darkest corner of a hip bar, spying on her own mother—who’s flirting with a man who’s definitely not Allie’s father. Allie’s supposed to be in Wisconsin, planning her parents’ milestone anniversary party. Then Winston Chamberlain walks through the door, with his tailored suit, British accent, and gorgeous eyes, and Allie’s strange mission goes truly sideways.

Winston doesn’t do messy. But after a pretty stranger ropes him into her ridiculous family drama with a fake kiss that gets a little too real, he finds out that messy can be fun. Maybe even a little addicting. And as the night grows longer, Allie and Winston make a list of other wild things they could do together—and what seems like a mismatch leads to a genuine connection. But can their relationship survive as their real lives implode just outside the bedroom door?

Title: Madly
Author: Ruthie Knox
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Series: New York #2
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Published by LoveSwept
Source: Publisher
Published: March 14, 2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 273
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Stars: dnf
Flames: four-half-flames
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I must’ve picked up this book a dozen times. I really liked Truly, the first in the series (read my review for it here), but I just couldn’t get past the first few scenes in this one. First of all, we have a (grown) Midwestern woman in a New York City bar, trying to be incognito as she spies on her mother. She picks up a guy and uses him to hide a bit more. After drinking too much, she agrees to go to this guy’s apartment, which he claims he bought for his daughter.

Okay. There are so many red flags here. First off, a grown woman is trying to fix her parents’ marriage? What the heck? This is for her parents to fix. A grown woman inserting herself into another grown couple’s relationship screams all sorts of wrong. I don’t care that they’re related – for her to track down her mother like that tells me there’s a whole lot of unhealthy going on in that family. I wasn’t impressed. Why not call her out on it? Why try to fix it on the sly?

Next, even though she’s on the most important mission of her life, like, ever, she drinks an entire bottle of alcohol with a strange man and agrees to go home with him. But it’s cool – he has a British accent and seems nice. So obviously, it’s fine for her to just head over to the empty New York apartment he has just lying around, because his college-aged daughter refuses to move in there.

Oh, and there’s red flag number 3 – this guy moved across the ocean to follow his daughter to college. Really? There’s so much parent-child-parent dependency here that I don’t know what genre I’m in anymore.

Red flag number 4 hits us once the main characters (Allie and Winston, FWIW) are in said apartment. They start making a list of things they’re going to do…to each other. Exclusively, of course. The list goes from hugging to anal in .00003 seconds. I’m pretty sure I looked as horrified as I felt because my husband kept asking me if I was all right.

Moving swiftly along to red flag numero cinco. After making this scandalous list, the odd couple watches a movie until they fall asleep. (That’s not the flag.) The next day, Winston tells his daughter he’s met someone.

At this point, I realize I’m at 20% (chapter 6). I’ve had about all the red flags I can take, and I give up the fight.



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