Review: Major’s Folly by Edward Kendrick

July 23, 2014 Review 0

Review: Major’s Folly by Edward Kendrick

Thane Major’s lover, Ian Philips, sees Majors’ Folly—the mansion Thane has inherited—as a ‘monstrosity’. Thane believes otherwise. To him it is fascinating, not monstrous. At least that’s what he hopes.

After the two learn of several disappearances from the Folly, they spot someone trying to break in and wonder if the person is responsible for the Folly’s troubles. Deciding they must find out exactly what is happening, the pair begin to delve into the house’s history to uncover the truth before they too disappear.

Will the arrival of two strange males offering their help to Thane and Ian lead to revelations about the disappearances… or to Thane and Ian’s untimely deaths?

Title: Major's Folly
Author: Edward Kendrick
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Published by Wilde City Press
Source: Publisher
Published: 16 July, 2014
Genres: Male Male Romance, Paranormal Romance
Pages: 100
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: one-flame

Thane has inherited the Major’s Folly, an abandoned house of ‘stature’ adjoining the Hudson River.  Large and well-crafted with secret rooms and Thane’s memory of being told the house was a stop on the Underground Railroad, the unused and unloved, yet well maintained house could be Thane and his partner Ian’s new home.  It doesn’t take long before the dire predictions of “something weird’ happening at the Folly seem to come true.

Kendrick captured the unique feel, description and often unnerving revelations that come with the grander homes built before 1850.  Thane and Ian are here to decide if they want to stay, and the stories about disappearing people, footprints from unknown sources on their porch, and a broken window isn’t going to scare them off, but it will increase their curiosity.

With help from Thane’s distant relative who explains the odd events, the WHO is responsible for all of the disappearances and mangled bodies appearing in town is revealed, but they can’t prove it.  So Thane and Ian, with help from Samuel and Mathias set a trap and catch a killer.

Sweetly spooky with a touch of humor and heart, Thane and Ian’s relationship is presented with no sex or angst, but a solid peek into the day in the life of a committed couple.  Architectural details are described with flair, bringing the Folly to life for readers and giving a sense of the small town and area.  While the story is more fun spooky than scary spooky, it is a fun short that is a perfect escape read.


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