Review: Malting (Beer and Clay #1) by Sean Michael

January 26, 2017 Review 0

Review: Malting (Beer and Clay #1) by Sean Michael

Sometimes unpredictable is exactly what’s needed, but can Corner Pub owner Damon convince shy Thursday night regular Toby of that?

Damon loves his life—his bar, his employees and his beer. He especially loves Thursdays. That's when the mysterious little red-head dances into his bar, drinks two honey wheat brews, and flits right back out.

Toby's comfortable. He has a good job, great friends, and he gets paid to do what he loves—sculpt. His life is great, if a little predictable. And if he secretly wears a plug to Corner Pub every Thursday, well...that's nobody's business but his.

But when Toby meets Damon, his predictable little life flies right out the window. Damon shows him the big, wide world of the Dom/sub lifestyle, plugs and piercings, and teaches him that maybe, unpredictable is exactly what Toby needed all along.

Title: Malting
Author: Sean Michael
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Series: Beer and Clay #1
Published by Totally Bound
Source: Publisher
Published: 24 January 2014
Genres: BDSM, M/M Erotica
Pages: 109
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Stars: three-half-stars
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Malting by Sean Michael was a montage to sexual exploration between a thirty something gay man and an experienced bar owner. Toby had been visiting the local bar for three years, every Thursday he drank two beers. Recently realizing that he was gay, fascinated by Damon the bar owner, Toby longed for a relationship albeit all his insecurities.

Damon decided to take the plunge and approach the skittish red head, forging a bond of sexual discovery and loving relationship.

Sean Michael has a knack for writing explicitly drawn out love scenes and Malting did not disappoint.  The entire book was one long sex scene. A lot of sex.  From the moment the sexual frenzy began, each page was filled with discovery and awareness for both novice Toby and experienced Damon.

Drawback: We never learned about Toby and Damon’s personalities, aside from their sexual desires, their likes and dislikes. Little room for substance, more plot needed.

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